Thursday, April 13, 2006

"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” - Thomas Alva Edison


If you had grown up in the house I did, or had to clean out my mother's house after she died, you too would be compelled to have a relatively organized junk drawer.

You too would be able to lay hands on
or a rubber band
or a pen
or scratch paper
or your coupon organizer
or the birthday cake candles
or Scotch tape
or a screwdriver
or a snap-off utility knife
or a tape measure
or the collected Campbell Soup labels
or the take-out menus
or Motrin
or hand cream
or some string
or scissors
or the Purell
or stickers for the potty chart
or the fish net scoopy thingey
or spare change for bus fare
or a thumbtack
or a paper clip
or some extra batteries
or any of those other little troublesome things that you seem to require daily
in an instant.


Thursday Show-and-Tell, courtesy of Blackbird


blackbird said...

all those matches.

gronce said...

I pretty much bared my soul with my disgusting, slobby junk drawer, and you show us this? Okay, I can't hold it against you, just because you're not as much of a pig as I.

Carolyn said...

Every drawer in my house is a junk drawer.

BabelBabe said...

Note that I did not show you the rest of my house.

apropos of nothing, I just discovered that the boy cat is pretty much shitting in the litter box and anywhere else in the basement he pleases...that has to stop right quick or he will be GONE.

andrea said...

we're packing right now, so there are no drawers with anything in them. if i did have drawers with things, however, they would be arranged neatly in themes because that's just the kind of maniac i am.

MsCellania said...

Sorry for the cat shit.
Drawer is a drawer after me own heart.
I see you like utilizing 'stuff' containers, too. We must've taken the same Organizing 501 class. In which everything goes to hell once the ankle biters arrive on the scene. Can YOU keep scotch tape around? Scissors? Pointy objects? Me either.

Joke said...

I have a whole room that is a junk drawer.

Not to mention the other drawers.


jak said...

Matches!- you have Matches! damn that's good-we never have matches- I love it!

Sarah Louise said...

Um, I refrained from taking pictures of the tattered mess of my garret and focused thankfully on just one drawer! But I seriously need photo lessons b/c the lighting you and Blackb achieved means you can actually see what things are, as opposed to my shot...

Yeah, I have lots of matches too. AND I found my Super Glue!! Bonus!!