Monday, April 24, 2006

Serious Things and Crazy Things. And a Book.

Teddy has finally learned that his dad is gay--they had the talk yesterday. His reply was, "Oh. That's okay." I'm not sure how this is going to play out. So far, nothing. Maybe there won't be anything until Ted hits 12 or so. I just don't know.


Sorry for the bad scan, but I had to show you this ad for the Naughty Nads Bikini Design Kit from the May issue of Shape magazine. One of my friends called me from the store yesterday to tell me about it, and then I ran out to get a copy and see for myself. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Lipshitz Six, or Two Angry Blonds is . . . quite a book. It's two stories in one, and features fewer likeable characters than any book I've read in a long time. Yet I was compelled to finish it--some of the writing is really great. I'm glad I got this from the library rather than the book store, but I'll look for Cooper's next book.


BabelBabe said...

I suppose it's bad form to be amused about any of this going on in Ted's life, but I did love the fact that he told you it was ok if you were gay, too. That is one loving and strong kid.

And, Ted, your mom's not gay, because if she were, I'd have talked her into running away with me ages ago.

Not that I am either. I am just saying.

Joke said...

The ad sounds like something we should be using in Gitmo to make terrorists talk.


jess said...

That ad just...scares me.

Gina said...

Beauty--or, our society's perception thereof--is pain, Joke. And now you see just how much.

I can't believe that ad. And I can't look away. I can't believe that an ad in a fitness magazine (or any mainstream mag) can make me actually think of the word "pussy" in THAT context! And then make me type it on my blog! I'm horrified, amused, and impressed with the moxie of the Nads people.

Thanks, bb. If we could choose the team we played for, so to speak, I think you and I would be a delightful match. Think of all of the reading, writing, running, and PEACE AND QUIET. :-)

Ted is some kind of great kid.

Carolyn said...

Ted sounds like he has a great head on his shoulders. You're an awesome Mom.

The ad is gross. It took me a minute to get it and then, "eeewwww!"

Suse said...

You two are forgetting that if you became an item you would have FOUR boys in the family.

There would be NO peace and quiet.

(Speaking as a woman who has just spent a day with six boys in her house and is now shut in her study relishing the silence).

Kim said...

Wait. Your ex is gay?

I so missed that post.

And to show just how obtuse I can, on occasion be (it took until the funeral in Four Weddings and a Funeral for me to go "oh, they were gay and a couple? OH! OK.") I looked at the picture - got what it was inferring, but completely missed the pussy connotation. I know, you can take the girl out of the North Shore, but not the North Shore out of the girl.

Gina said...

He is indeed gay. Someday I'll put up a link to the coming out story. Or at least my version of it.

Teddy *does* have a good head on his shoulders. And I *do* rock motherhood. My sister and I were just discussing that we're both really good moms, and that our mother should be proud of us for that. And that we want the boys to serve us burnt almond torte for Mother's Day. :-)

BabelBabe said...

you deserve burnt almond torte.

did i tell you that my nephew's 1st communion/party are on mother's day? stupid RC church - way to ruin my mother's day. no sushi for me this year, just a long-ass mass and lousy Holiday Inn food.