Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter 2006!

Peep Research - A study of small fluffy creatures and library usage.
By Susan Avery and Jennifer Masciedrelli. Office of Fluffy Research, Staley Library, Milliken University.

Easter just isn't Easter without Peeps although, as several people have pointed out, what marshmallow chickens and chocolate rabbits have to do with the Resurrection, we have not a clue.

Perhaps David Sedaris can help..."Now a bell...that's fucked up!"


andrea said...

a very special peeps recipe just for you

Lazy cow said...

I love, love, love David Sedaris. Me Talk Pretty one day is my favourite.
I've never understood this peeps business. I don't think we have them in Australia (or am I just hopelessy uninformed?)

andrea said...

it's okay, LC, you guys have tim tams. you win. peeps got nothing on those.

Sarah Louise said...

I love that peeps site. I had forgotten about it. Thanks for linking it, Babs!

BabelBabe said...

Andrea! I LOVE that recipe! Ilove the headline! I love the entire article! And I love that I am going to Bethlehem in a few weeks - do you suppose they offer tours of the peeps factory????

LC _ I just sent Suse graham crackers - do you want me to mail you some Peeps? They are most definitely a love 'em or hate 'em propostion, however.

Lazy cow said...

Thanks for the offer of peeps BB, but we have an USA foodstore right nearby, so I might pop down this week and check it out.
And Andrea? I've never understood the fuss over Tim Tams - just hate them!