Tuesday, April 18, 2006

“Few women admit their age. Few men act theirs.”

OK, I told Blackbird I wasn't going to blog about it being my birthday.
I find I lied.


I AM: 36 today, the mother of three, the wife to one, a librarian, a reader, a runner, a writer of blogs
I WANT: books, always more books. And to learn to rock climb.
I WISH: I was more patient. And thinner.
I HATE: myself sometimes.
I LOVE: my boys to distraction.
I MISS: my mom and dad.
I FEAR: my children dying. And spiders.
I HEAR: the circ clerk barking at patrons
I WONDER: when it became acceptable to be loud in a library
I REGRET: not putting out for my high school boyfriend
I AM NOT: patient or kind or especially affectionate
I DANCE: with abandon
I SING: badly
I CRY: when I am mad, which makes me madder
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: baked goods and quilts
I WRITE: the blog. Every day if possible.
I CONFUSE: irony and sarcasm
I NEED: my lip waxed. And a slip.
I SHOULD: go pump. My therapist tells me I worry too much about the “shoulds.”
I START: many household projects and many books
I FINISH: most of the household projects eventually, about half the books, and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream waaaay too often
I TAG: whoever’s interested


This seemed like a good day to fill in this meme.
As Gina pointed out, it’s my birthday.
It’s also Patriot’s Day.
You know –

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.
On the eighteenth of April in seventy-five
Hardly a man is now alive,
Who remembers that famous day and year…
One if by land, and two if by sea;
And I on the opposite shore will be,
Ready to ride and spread the alarm…

After church on Sunday, the deacon stopped to say Happy Birthday to me, and asked which day exactly.
I replied, “The eighteenth, you know: on the 18th of April in ’75…”
H snorted.
I said snarkily, “I didn’t say *I* was born in 75. [1775, no less!] I am happy to admit I was born in 1970. I’m talking about Paul Revere.”
What can I say, he was a math major.


You know you are getting old when your idea of indulging yourself on your birthday includes going for a run at 630 am.


Celebrities and other personages of interest (mine) who share MY birthday – yes, it’s all about ME, especially today:
  • Hayley Mills
  • Lucretia Borgia
  • Clarence Darrow
  • Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown
  • Francois Leroux
  • Haile Gebrselassie
  • Frances Bean Cobain

And in keeping with my oh-so-cheerful and optimistic personality, deaths which occurred on April 18:

  • John Foxe, of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (I think it was a natural death), 1587
  • Albert Einstein, 1955

Events that occurred on this estimable day:
  • Wilkes' expedition to South Pole sails, 1838
  • San Francisco Earthquake kills over 700 people, 1906
  • Poland annexes Central Lithuania, 1923
  • 74,000 on hand for opening of Yankee Stadium, 1923 (for Peg)
  • Bombing of Tokyo, 1942
  • 1st "Walk"/"Don't Walk" lighted street signals installed, 1955
  • 12th Boston Women's Marathon won by Joan Benoit Samuelson in 2:22:43, 1983


H *is* taking me out for dinner tonight, at a restaurant to which someone gave us a gift certificate, upon the birth of Terzo. Because parents of newborns get to go out a whole bunch, you know. At least it will come in handy now.


MsCellania said...

May I Repeat
And enjoy your dinner! May there be No Crying Babies within earshot.

I had to laugh at your regret! Well, I put out for that high school boyfriend. My only regret is marrying the putz a few years later! I should have known from the entire 20 seconds of our first coupling that our marriage would not last.

Enjoy every minute of your special day.

jess said...

happy birthday! I like that you included who died on your birthday. And the Paul Revere story made me chuckle. I hope you indulged in a latte after that run.

Sarah Louise said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

I like "the wife to one" and "I wonder when it became acceptable to be loud in the library." I actually had a conversation with an older gentleman about this very subject last week. Working in the children's dept, I had to politely explain to him that no, if he wanted quiet, we have a quiet area upstairs. He wasn't complaining, he just wanted to know what the "new norm" was.

Also, I love that you share a birthday with Hayley Mills and the installation of the first "Walk/Don't Walk" signs.

Have a great night out. YOU ROCK!!

blackbird said...


hey, my brother B is a rock climbing instructor (Wilderness First Responder, Paramedic, Kayak Instructor, Orienteering Advisor) I could set you up...

Carolyn said...


May you enjoy your dinner!

Good job on the morning exercise!

My float said...

I too get mad when I cry which I only do when I'm mad. Happy birthday!!

Lazy cow said...

Happy birthday dear. Have a wonderful day and night.

Suse said...

Happy birthday to you and Hayley!

And I just did an essay on one of the illustrations in Foxe's Book of Martyrs so I actually know who you're talking about.

You are probably out at the dinner as I write this. Hope it's sensational.

andrea said...

meh. i missed it all. too busy working or some shit.

happy day, hope dinner was stellar.

Katya said...

Happy Birthday -- mine is on Friday.

Gina said...

So I wonder if TomKat will call their baby girl Bablebabe? :-)

Surfing Free said...

Happy natal anniversary!
And I agree libraries should be quiet - for God's sake, somewhere should be quiet!
Enjoy your dinner out and I hope you get showered with presents :)

Kim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think I could have taken about half your Meme for myself!

Miz S said...

Hey! I missed your birthday! Happy happy. I did that meme a couple of days ago. Your "regret" made me snort.

sueeeus said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm so impressed that you run, in addition to everything else. You're still a young whippersnapper!