Friday, April 21, 2006

A Loop is a Loop is a Loop . . .

I have Prince on the brain today, which (in my mind) is never a bad thing.


I called 911 on my way to taking Teddy to school this morning. There was a man standing on a corner, just a few blocks away from the school, wearing what looked like swim trunks. No shirt, no shoes . . . I know that's not that big a deal. I know that's none of my business. But I noticed that he had a board in one hand. And then I noticed that in his other hand? Was. A. Dead. Rabbit. At least I think it was dead, as he was holding it by the ears and it wasn't struggling. And there was a moment where I looked it right in its wide-open eye.

I don't know what the hell was going on, but I figured that the guy looked crazy enough to merit a call to the cops. Maybe he's not crazy, and has a perfectly reasonable explanation . . . but . . .

The 911 dispatcher lady was very sympathetic and assured me she would send a car to the area. Oy. I wanted to stick around and spy on him until the cops got there, but I didn't. I sort of felt like someone should keep an eye on him. Should that someone have been me?


In other, much less scary news, I'm reading Confessions of Super Mom. I picked it up at the library yesterday, based pretty much on the title alone. (Look at me, judging a book by its cover!) It's a fluff book, easily read in one sitting if you aren't worried about getting up at 5am. Birdie, the main character, goes a little nuts trying to get rid of a stain in her bathroom and mixes a bunch of cleaning products. She hallucinates, blacks out, and then wakes up with super cleaning powers, super hearing, and something like Spidey senses that tingle.

The writing is decent, and the characters and story are lively and good to spend time with. I mentioned in an email to BB that it's odd to see an homage-to-comics-type thing come from a woman writer and a woman's point of view, but it's pretty fun.

If I were a super hero, I'd want to be hot. I'd want to have all of Superman's powers, but to have a bit of Batman's noir-ish edge. Birdie's not like that at all--she's much more like any of us would probably be in her shoes. You'd like her.


I'm taking Teddy to a school skating party tonight, which fills me with super memories set to the tune of "Another One Bites the Dust" and "Centerfold". Oh, and that horrible Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers duet. Islands in the Stream, indeed. Remember the joke? Dolly Parton doing the back stroke? :-)


Carolyn said...

That sounds like a good read.

You did your part calling 911 on scary, bunny man. Sticking around could have been hazardous to your health.

What an interesting morning.

Gina said...

It's not great literature, but it's a good time.

I wish I knew where Scary Bunny Man was now . . . I think that's why I wanted to stick around. Closure, you know.

Joke said...

As someone who has had some experience with comic books, I'm pretty confident in saying that "hotness" is not a superpower.


Gina said...

I must disagree; hotness is indeed a superpower. Hot people have minions and can make others due their bidding.

catsteevens said...

I probably would've stuck around to watch crazy bunny man, only because I'm stupid and curious like that.

"Centerfold" Now that brings back memories.

andrea said...

ice or roller?

Gina said...

Roller. Skates or blades--both are available for rent. Teddy has his own blades . . . which I now need to make sure still fot him.

BabelBabe said...

Gah! The couples skate was the bane of my teenage existence.

--erica said...

I agree you did your duty!
That is bizaree!

Sarah Louise said...

I love roller skating. I hope you have fun. My memory is that Toto song, "I hear the rain in Africa..." or something like that. I never skated seriously after we moved in 6th grade, so the "couples" thing was never an issue.

I agree w/you on the hotness being a superpower. Joke should realize that, being a devotee of Enchanted April. (The debutante in that got everyone to do everything for her...but the irony, of course was that she just wanted to be left alone.)

Closure: I have a couple of things I've called 911 about that I wish they would give me a courtesy call back and say, this is what we found out, ma'am (even though I generally hate being called ma'am, I think in this instance it would work.)

That is all.

BabelBabe said...

At this point, knowing what I know about the tax and police resources of Allegheny County, I am generally resigned to just being happy someone answers my original 911 call.

I am now going to sing that damn Toto song ALL. DAY. LONG. I owe you one.

and hey - Gina, maybe they were just filming a Coen Brothers movie...? : )