Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's All Part of My Rock & Roll Fantasy

Ted's been taking guitar lessons after school this year, and he's finally getting comfortable enough to poke his way through "foreign" sheet music. I have a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young songbook I bought at a yard sale a million years ago (because I have no musical talent but a nice little Neil Young crush), and I pulled it out Monday night. I don't think you can imagine how much fun I had honking my way through stilted, honking renditions of "Our House" and "Helplessly Hoping". And *then* he taught me to play a scale! It's time to start thinking of band names, guys, because you *know* a bunch of self-deprecating moms who like to write would score a recording contract in no time.


I may or may not skip school tonight, because Teddy's dad is out of town and I don't know whether I feel like making Ted sit through Government Documents with me. He'll do it--and probably even enjoy it for a while--but it's such a good excuse to take the night off that I don't know if I can resist.


I made vanilla pudding yesterday. I prefer chocolate, but Ted likes vanilla better, and I'm nice like that. I wondered as I was making it what keeps it from being a decent breakfast food. I mean, milk, eggs, some butter, vanilla, a little cornstarch, and only 3/4 cup of sugar . . . practically health food, as far as I'm concerned. Seriously.


I've been renting my townhouse for a little more than two years, and my landlord asked in passing whether I'd be interested in buying my unit. I told her yes, and that I might actually be interested in buying another, too (mine is one of four). I don't think I could afford the whole building, but I think I might dig being a landlord. Or would that be landlady?


Badger said...

You made pudding FROM SCRATCH? OMG! I had to do that in 8th grade home ec and I farked it up so bad that I haven't attempted it since.

Can I play harmonica in the mom band? It's the only thing I can play. And I can really only play Dylan's "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again" on it. Oh, and also "Oh Susannah". So if we could include those in our set, that would be swell.

BabelBabe said...

Pudding IS breakfast food, along with rice pudding, tiropeta, leftover birthday cake, and almond biscotti. Especially if you make it yourself.

I have no musical talent whatsoever, and am waaay too fat to be a groupie, but I can design some kickass lighting effects. I also can run a sound board.

I still want you to buy the duplex next to my house : )

and what is UP with this effing 10-letter word verifs lately? It takes me longer - and probably more effort - to do the verif than to type the actual comment.

BabelBabe said...

Oh, and the only time I have ever done any acting at all, even all thru drama school, was a bit part in a "video" of "Helplessly Hoping" for my sophomore year directing class. I LOVE that song.

andrea said...

i know a tenent who'd be interested in renting your unit...

Gina said...

Andrea, I'm sorry, but that sounds SO PORN! :-)

Badger, you're in. You'd better get your tour bus in order, because you've got a long drive ahead of you.

BB, do you have your own lighting and soundboard? Because I don't. I knew you'd agree with me on the breakfast food, by the way. ;-)

Katy said...

i didn't know that you *could* make pudding from scratch. I guess that I just thought that there was something magical in the box of powder that made it, well, pudding. This is coming from the girl who, in 7th grade cooking class, burned FRIED RICE of all things. Now, before making a recipe, I always find out what its supposed to look like when it is done, and what it looks like when burned. Apparently, not all fried rice is a dark brown color.

Whatever you eat first in the day is your breakfast food, I don't know where all those rules come from. For goodness sakes, some people eat Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms.

andrea said...

omg it does! and it so wasn't intentional!


may i have the luxury of suggesting an individual who may be interested in seeking a lease of your newly (pretend) purchased condo?


Joke said...

1- Andrea, that sounded just as lewd, but a LOT classier.

2- I think Ted needs to sing the blues. He looks like a bluesperson.

3- All that NOS wants to play is Smithereens and Agent Orange.

Mea maxima culpa,


Gina said...

I think you're in too deep now, Andrea. Whatever you say is going to sound like a proposition. As it's the only one I've had in a million years, I'm not complaining.

Ted doesn't want to play the blues unless it's an updated White Stripes kind of blues. He only played the CSNY to humor me, I think, because he rolls his eyes whenever I listen to it.

He's dying for an electric guitar, but I want him to study classical for a bit longer--I want him to have MAD SKILLZ, YO. He'll live.

Katy--I bet you have all the ingredients for vanilla pudding in your house right now: Milk, eggs, butter, cornstarch or flour, sugar, and vanilla. All it takes is a little patience and stirring.

Carolyn said...

Homeownership, yay, congrats!

I may have to make some tapioca with almond milk. Maybe my guy would enjoy it and get some calcium too.

Gina said...

I actually have trouble with the lactose, and was wondering how it would taste with rice milk. If you decide to try it with almond milk, let me know how it turns out. In theory, at least, it sounds like a great idea.

Sarah Louise said...

For breakfast, today, I had pistachio nuts, because I didn't have enough milk to mix with my Carnation Instant Breakfast...(which I didn't fully discover until I'd poured the little bit of milk I *did* have)

do you have to be a mom to be in your band? (although I don't play anything besides "Lightly Row" on the piano, but I would love to be in a band...)

Joke said...

That's more than what Tom Cruise has.