Monday, April 10, 2006

He is the very pineapple of politeness. - Richard Brinsley Sheridan

I didn't want you guys to worry any more than necessary - so here is a sign that all is well (Seg is the middle one)- or at least back to normal, as normal as it gets around here - it's the Pineapple Follies! I am not sure why the boys found the pineapple top so intriguing but they did. And I made the baby laugh and laugh by holding it on my head and doing my Carmen Miranda impersonation: "You can put them in a salad, you can put them in a pie-aye..."

And speaking of pies, it's H's birthday today. He requested an apple pie for his birthday celebration. So I made an apple pie, and a big pot of turkey-rice soup, and we had salami, cappicolla, provolone, and roasted red pepper sandwiches, on crusty Italian bread, and soup for dinner. And pie after, with three candles in it. Because he's forty-THREE.

For his birthday, I had given him the pottery class that he so enjoyed. The boys presented him with the DVD of "Rockstar INXS." As an added bonus, I gave him - ta da! - working plumbing! Bring on the laundry!


I have indeed been reading, believe it or not.
Here's a quick run-down/catch-up. Reviews pending.

I finished Ruth Rendell's Thirteen Steps Down at the hospital Saturday night.

H ran away with my copy of The Sex Lives of Cannibals, telling me "it reminds me of the time I spent in Africa." ????? Uh, ok.

I bought Anne Lamott's Plan B, Laurie King's newest Mary Russell book, Locked Rooms, and a remaindered copy of Jim Harrison's The Raw and the Cooked (wasn't there a Fine Young Cannibals song or album by that name?) at B&N last week while shopping for the INXS DVD.

I also checked out a whole bunch of YA books from my work library, and requested some other books from the public library that came in this week - Frindle, Cornelia Funke's Inkheart, Connie Willis's To Say Nothing of the Dog, and In the Garden of Iden. (I tried to get Three Men in a Boat, to read before the Willis, but I couldn't get a library to ILL it.)

So I am working my way through that stack.

I am reading Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak right now and very much enjoying it, considering I am not the fiend for YA lit like some other people around here.


Photographic snippets:

I knew I should have gone to med school! Look at the precision of that operating room! Look how I wielded that monkey wrench! I have the hands of a born surgeon. Uh huh.

Terzo is starting to - well, not crawl, exactly - more like get up on all fours, pump madly away, and fling himself forward onto his chest. When he does it on the floor, he gets somewhere. When he does it on my chest when I am holding him? I feel like I am being humped by my baby. It's so wrong. I mean, there's a real reason we don't have a dog...I'm not entirely certain I believe I actually just typed that, and am going to post it.
And allow me to point out that my boy shares my fine sense of fashion.


Badger said...

Happy birthday to H! It sounds like you have the same kind of April I do every year. My DH's bday is Wednesday, and the boy's is Monday (next Monday, the 17th) with lots of extended family bdays sprinkled throughout.

I freakin' hate April.

MsCellania said...

Ah, you sound SO MUCH better today! Plant that pineapple hat and you'll have - oh nevermind! Something MORE to nurture is what you'll have.

The boys look like cutie pies. That's a BIG baby you've got yourself there. And there is no shame in your little one practicing his 'moves' on mama. 3rd child has to get show-off moves in where he can!

Are you keeping all the clothes?! I went to DSW today and felt like an Old Lady. Had to pass over the high heels and go for comfy. Hrmph!

Cari said...

Speak is my all time favorite book. I did it as a read aloud one year in my 8th grade class. I read a little bit each day, and it literally took until the last day of the school year...the last class of the finish it. The kids were dead silent, wanting to hear the end. A true testimony of its greatness!!!!

Joke said...

Hey, cool. For like a week H and I were the same age.

Who knew you liked baby boomers?


Kim said...

First, your ability to read so much when you have as many kids as I do and work like I do makes me feel really really really slack.
Secondly, welcome to my world of the humping baby, although I do draw the line at Jasper's latest prediliction of pulling my nipple out of his mouth, going cross-eyed over it and cooing to it softly. So very very wrong.
I made apple pie too! Check out Eat Me ( It was delicious.

blackbird said...

nice wrench.

also tropical boy heads.


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Happy birthday H!

And the bad news is? Until he's upright and dressing himself? The fashion sense? It's still all yours, babe.

(but the mustard top and stripy pants look just fine to me!)

Sarah Louise said...

You do the best Carmen Miranda impersonation that I've ever heard...and those chocolate things in the thing...are chocolate covered blueberries. I thought of you and H. Glad the plumbing is working again! My amount of sleep in the past 10 can still qualify you as hating me...

And yes, the Fine Young Cannibals had an album, The Raw and the Cooked, which had that song "She drives me crazy" which brings back my senior year of hs all over again.

April is the cruelest month...

and my vw: xvpot. Um, sexpot?

Gina said...

Pineapples, pie, and plumbing, OH MY!

I have lots of April birthdays to deal with too . . . what happens in July, I wonder, that makes it such a fertile month?

BabelBabe said...

Everyone is too hot to move much?

and as of this morning, the stupid pipes were leaking AGAIN. I am not as handy with a monkey wrench as I'd hoped.

jess said...

Love the pineapple hats.

Joke said...

To shed further light on April birthdays: My mom's birthday is EXACTLY-TO-THE-DAY nine months before mine.

-J., Love Child.

hungry in LA said...

Completely impressed by your plumbing efforts and so what if it's leaking. Last time we paid someone $80 an hour to have our pipes continue to leak all over the kitchen floor after they left.

And by the way, you don't have that problem with a GIRL dog. But having a dog would make you crazy so never mind.

Carolyn said...

Oh you fix stuff! If you weren't already married, I'd propose!

"Any way you want to eat them, it's impossible to beat them."

I love the picture of Terzo attempt crawling. Too cute.

Speaking of things you shouldn't print, I hate when I'm changing SJ's diaper and he gets ready to pee, and is standing at attention. AAAGGH.