Saturday, December 30, 2006

"Are you taking pictures of my socks?" - Pamela Stephenson


The socks that match these, some of which were new only four - FOUR! - days ago.
I know it's the age-old question, but honest to God, I am losing my mind.
Where do they go? Out into the wild world to seek their fortunes, or into a dark corner to hide from the humdrum of their daily lives? Do they eat one another? Is some larger thing in my laundry room eating them? Are the cats selling them on the black market?

Is this clearly driving me NUTS?


Jess said...

They pack their little bags, and they kiss their mate goodbye, and they go out into the world to seek their fortune.

Someday they'll come back.

If they don't fall into a bad crowd in the big city.

Anonymous said...

Sock divorce. It's a troubling trend. Sometimes socks find they cannot live wiith their mates after all. Typically, one sock gets custody of the bureau drawer, while the other sock moves out. Incidence of becommng a pupppet or being used to polish the furniture is over five times as high in un-mated socks.
It's a shame. All this might be avoided if only the mated pair would consider going to sockotherapy.

Badger said...

No no no. They are on sock rumspringa. They've run off to hang out with a different crowd (typically sweaters and fuzzy blankets) for a while.

Most of them will probably show up again eventually, looking slightly shrunken and discolored, eager to take their places back in the sock drawer. Sadly, some of them will decide to leave the order altogether and for this they must be shunned.

Sarah Louise said...

sock divorce? I am howling with laughter. I dub thee, BB, my first laugh of the last day of 2006.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

When I put the socks in the laundry, I always think of them as brave little soldiers. Some of them make their way home again, and some must be considered casualties.

Amy A. said...

Sock monsters live in our dryer, too. By the time I give up and throw the lonely sock away, the mate shows up. Infuriating.

Love all the theories!

Anonymous said...

rofl, sock divorce! maybe they're just taking "a break"? ;)

Caro said...

They have all showed up at my house.

Come get them, please come get them.

Poppy Buxom said...

Socks are like Don Juans. Just when you you think you've seen the last of them, they show up, expecting you to welcome them back, little suspecting that when you thought it was over, you threw out the other half of the pair.

OK, it's not much of an analogy, but it's New Year's Day, and I resolved to say something stupid this year.

Just think, I get the next 364 days off.

Anonymous said...


Nah jk, found this blog through a random search about "rofl socks". SOCKSSSSSZZZZZ.