Sunday, December 17, 2006

"And now you know..."

I was tagged by Rebecca over at Illiterati at least a gazillion years ago. Finally, I have come up with five vaguely interesting facts you may not already be aware of, all about ME. (Because it IS all about me, didn’t you know?) Sorry it took me so long to think of anything the least bit compelling, Rebecca!

Five Things You May Not Already Know About Me

I was the private-school state spelling champion in the fifth grade.
[I know, glory days.]

I run an eleven-minute mile.
[The proper verb is probably ‘plod.’]

I was proposed to (seriously) by three men (two wielding rings, the other a fraternity pin – long story for another day) – before H proposed successfully.
[Over the course of about five years, not all at once. (The three other proposals, not H's.)]

I love to play basketball. [NOT that I am any good at all, although I am a consistent foul shooter.]

I love the ocean and dream of someday retiring all by myself to an eensy little house on the Jersey shore. [It would have to be a shack for me to afford it, but that’s ok.]

…the rest of the story!


TLB said...

Hmm. Would love to hear more about the proposals sometime.

I know, I'm sorry about the tagging when you've got a busy life, but hey, that what blog friends are for.

Suse said...

Am seriously impressed that you've had four marriage proposals in your life.