Sunday, December 03, 2006

“Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” - Gen. George S. Patton

Well, I am finally taking the plunge, and it's all Lazy Cow's fault.

I decided it's time to participate in one of the ubiquitous reading challenges, and this one appealed to me: the 2007 Winter Classics Challenge hosted over at A Reader's Journal.

I have January and February to read five classics; I admit, I probably interpreted 'classics' loosely, so someone tell me if I need to pick a different book(s).

My five picks:

Woman in White – Wilkie Collins. Lazy Cow liked this alot and said it was entertaining. And it's already on my shelf, I think.

The Penal Colony and other short pieces – Franz Kafka. This can be blamed on Hair-in-His-Eyes-Guy, who is quickly becoming not only a friend, and an excellent darts coach, but also a challenge to maintain my well-read-ness status.

Vanity Fair – William Thackeray. I have started this book no less than five times. I think I should finish it one of these days.

I Heard the Owl Call My Name – Margaret Craven. Bought this used ages ago for something like a quarter. No idea why, no idea what it's about except a dying priest. Pretty sure it's a classic like I Never Promised You A Rose Garden could be considered a classic.

The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath. Bought this new about six months ago, and never got to it. One of the freshman English classes was doing a paper on her poem 'Mirror' and in the course of helping ten thousand clueless 18-year-olds navigate the research databases and the Readers' Guide, I felt like I should get to know ole Sylvia better.


So I have till the end of December to finish the Sandman books, The Book Thief, and anything else lying around in the library-books basket.

And then - let the games begin!


Booklogged said...

Yay, I'm so glad you're joining the challenge. Kudos to Lazy Cow for nudging you. I think all your books qualify. I'm reading Woman in White, also. Tried to read The Bell Jar but couldn't get into it. I've heard of lots who love it, though. I look forward to reading your thoughts about these books.

lazy cow said...

Good. You can read Vanity Fair for me. I've tried reading it and it just does not appeal at all. Read The Bell Jar years ago, but I much prefer her Diaries, especially the housewifey type entries.

Jess said...

Not only am I following you & LC into this particular version of insanity, but I'm putting Woman in White on my list following LC's rec a while back (and the appearance of a tattered discarded copy in my box at work).

kilowatthour said...

five? good lord! i am still ostensibly reading the same book i started six months ago... maybe it's time to call it quits on that one.

maybe i'll enter my own little challenge and read ONE classic. maybe bleak house.

the bell jar is a good choice, but very sad and disturbing. but i guess you knew that.

Badger said...

Yeah, I'm with Kilowatthour. This sounds way fun but it would take me like two years to read five books of that, er, weight.

I demand a realistic writing/reading challenge!

Or else I shall have to start one of my own and NOBODY WANTS THAT.

Joke said...

Masochism runs deep in the Babe DNA, dunnit?


Lynne@Oberon said...

I agree, Woman in White is a great book ... I might have to read it again.
And five classics in two months just would not work for me, but good luck to you!

Bookfool said...

Oh, boy, 5 in two months. I'm going to pick some skinny ones to mix in with the chunksters. I'm familiar with all of the titles you've mentioned - all classics, IMHO. I'm not very good at challenges, myself, because I prefer not to list what I plan to read but maintain some flexibility, so my Chunkster Challenge is going to be almost ridiculously flexible. However, 2007 could be really interesting, since I'm already planning to do 3 different challenges. Man, I hope I don't burn out.

Thanks for visiting my blog, BabelBabe!

Suse said...

Five in eight weeks? Phew.

Also, I've been meaning to ask, have you locked Gina in the attic again?

Literary Feline said...

I love that opening quote. It's very fitting. Vanity Fair has been in my TBR room for about a year now, but since I already selected one rather long novel (Tolstoy's Anna Karenina), I will have to save that one for another time. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it.

Good luck and happy reading!

Bearette said...

i love the bell jar...some great images.