Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Henry: Engines don't wear scarves! Percy: Engines with proper funnels do. You've only got a small one!

Seg, upon seeing Mimi's new scarf: "Mama! She doesn't even need to be under the blankets anymore because she'll be so warm!"

My mother-in-law, upon being told I was saying the scarf was "for Mimi," not "for me": "I am not knitting another stitch on that thing!"

Primo, upon hearing I'd finished Mimi's scarf: "Will you knit one for Pooh now?"

H, watching the boys jump on the couch: "Boys, don't jump on the couch while your mother is knitting."

Me, thought-bubbles all round:
1) "Now perhaps I could knit her a butt scarf! To keep the rest of her warm!"
2) "Old bat! Get your ears checked!"
3) "Oh, sure, for Pooh and Snowy and Jason Bear and all of the other eleventy gazillion stuffed animals roaming this house!"
4) "You'll shoot your eye out, you'll shoot your eye out!"


Jess said...

Mimi looks toasty warm and well-loved.

Perhaps your boys could jump up and put your MIL's eye out? Perish the thought!

Katy said...

Yay for your first FO (Finished Object)! Mimi looks so happy with her decreased nekkidness.

Paula said...

Very nice!

Be careful, it's addicting.

Paula said...

Very nice!

Be careful, it's addicting.

Suse said...

Congratulations. It looks beauuuuutiful.

Are you addicted now?

Caro said...

Mimi looks very warm. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Mimi has scary eyes.

Suse said...

And her hairline is seriously disconcerting.

Sarah Louise said...

I am incredibly impressed, since I haven't gotten past lanyards and friendship bracelets...I bet Mimi's happy too!

Unknown said...

I get the shivers whenever I look at that doll. Is there a story behind it?

The scarf is lovely, and Mimi looks much more comfortable now.