Friday, March 03, 2006

Idle hands are the devil's workshop.

List Friday, courtesy of Pomegranates and Paper

This week's list: Craft Confessions


  • I spent nine summers at sleepaway camp. How did they think up those camp crafts - lanyards, etched glass, embossed tin, leather stuff like keychains and belts – I remember how yummy that leather smelled!

  • Cotton ball chicks in Easter grass and a cracked eggshell, under plastic drink glasses

  • I took watercolor classes and embroidery classes at the local library during the summer. I was woefully horrible at both, but hey, at least it was air-conditioned!

  • Gum wrapper chains – both the silver parts and the colored paper parts. I once made one that stretched for several yards. (I never would have remembered these if not for Blackbird!)

  • Friendship bracelets – those woven embroidery thread ones? I had some really complicated ones but only ever progressed to making striped ones.

  • And those silly ribbon barettes, with beads on the ends.

  • Does tying the ends of the shoelaces of your Blucher moccasins into those twirly knots count? Because I spent an inordinate amount of time in junior high doing just that.

  • If you glue cutouts from greeting cards into old eyeglass lenses – it looks just like cloisonné. No, really! I swear.

  • We made quilted Christmas balls by pushing little scraps of fabric into Styrofoam balls with a nail file. Very festive. Topped with holly and red ribbon , who wouldn’t want one on their Christmas tree?

  • I went thru a mild cross-stitch phase with my next-door neighbor when I was about ten. I completed an alphabet sampler and haven’t touched cross-stitch since.

  • A few years ago I learned pysanky, the art of making Ukrainian Easter eggs. I still have all the equipment and loved doing it but it really requires more patience than I possess.

  • I took a stained-glass class last year. I loved that. We worked on restoring windows at an old church near my house. We learned how to take them apart, clean the glass, restore and rebuild them - cutting and replacing glass as necessary, and then seal and solder on braces. Great fun!

  • I do quilt – slowly and not necessarily well, but I do enjoy it. As I have said before, its utilitarian nature appeals to the child-of-Depression-era parents part of me.

  • I was a theatre design major in college – everyday was craft day! Scale models, life sketching, painting furniture to look like faux marble or woodgrain. Then I worked for ten years as a scenic artist in theatre. Again, all kinds of “crafts.” I especially remembering constructing an entire, full-sized bar out of pasta, beads, buttons, and hot glue, for the set of “Fifty Million Frenchmen.”


blackbird said...

I never could tie the ends of my laces as you have explained.

BabelBabe said...

I confess that I finally had to have Janet Kirschner do it for me.

Sarah Louise said...

I love the thing-a-ma-doos that your blog template gives you for bullet-ed lists.

Gina said...

I am uttlery without crafting skill. Once a neighbor helped me glue a measuring tape to the outside of a Pringle's can, and then fasten a tomato pin cushion to the top as a gift for my mom. (I was four, I think. Five, tops, because we moved to a new house when I was five.) That's pretty much as far as crafty and I go.

Oh, and I made myself a bracelet at the bead store recently. Because my acupuncturist told me two of my chakras were off, and that I needed to add some green and purple to my normally black and gray ensembles.

But I'm not crazy. Who says I'm crazy?

BabelBabe said...

you knit, you and ted do kickass make your curtains. who says you aren't crafty?

Peg said...

Hey, I'm calling you *both* out for lyin': Gina for the same reason BB just did -- your curtains are beautiful, and BB for saying you quilt "...not necessarily well." Liar, liar, pants on fire... you do gorgeous quilt work and there are photos on this very blog to prove it.

(See, your readers *do* pay attention to what you share with them!)

Has anyone ever made Norwegian paper hearts for their Christmas tree, or is that just me?

Loretta said...

A theater design major - God, I would have loved that. And I went to a small school that had a theater design major. I was totally right-brained until about ten years ago....

Agnes said...

Well, you just about killed me with the "cloisonne" remark. I almost choked to death on my coffee.

Sarah Louise said...

Peg, you mean when you cut a heart so that half is white and half is red--I didn't realize that was Norwegian, I though it was Danish, but yes, I've made those!

And Oragami rocks! I've not seen the curtains, but I believe BB that they're well done.

--SL, who finally watched "Must love Dogs" and is going off to dream about John Cusack.

BabelBabe said...

oh man - go rent "Say Anything" You think you're in love with John Cusack *now*, just wait till you see that...

Robin (the Poppymom Porn Queen) said...

Sorry 'bout that. I'll lay off posting pictures of my sweet, sweet ass.

If it makes you feel any better, the spam filter at my husband's work classifies all my emails to him as spam.