Thursday, February 07, 2008

"Where the boys are, someone waits for me..." *

"Ma! Whaddya DOING? D'you want the whole blogosphere to know exactly what I look like?"

Um, yes, just this once, yes, yes, I do. So listen up, listen carefully, I am only going to say this once:

Luke Francis
February 4, 2008
6 lb., 11 oz. 19-1/2 inches long


I was going to use the Beatles’ “A Day in the Life” lyrics, per Suse’s suggestion, for my quote on top of this post, but oh my God, have you ever read the REST of the lyrics? Terrible. Can’t do it.
Am going with Connie Francis. Because, let me tell you, if there was ever any doubt as to where the boys are, I can tell you now – they’re HERE (and in Australia, with Kim : )).

Everyone home now, and doing well. (It is SHOCKING how disgusting a house can get in forty-eight hours, though…) Will post more details later. He’s currently a wee bit jaundiced so is attached to me like a remora for the moment, making typing rather difficult.

And to any one who feels compelled to ask:



* "Where the Boys Are," Connie Francis


Joke said...


WTG Mutter und kind!


Caro said...

I can't believe Joke beat me! I'll have to go smack him upside his head. :-)

What a beautiful boy. Thanks for sharing!

Good job.

Caro said...

Oh and when you get a chance, sometime in the next year hee hee, check your e-mail.

And I would never ask if you were trying for a girl. I envy you the amount of boy you have.

blackbird said...

You've outdone all moms of only 3.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful boy! Congratulations.

So, will you be trying for... whoops! Just saw the bold type. Never mind.

Anonymous said...


Paula said...

Lovely, lovely, and oh so sweet...

February 4th is a good day to birth boys. Chris arrived on the fourth, although, he's big and hairy and twenty two now.

Congratulations to the whole Babe family!

Sinda said...

He is darling - congratulations to you and your family!

HEATHER said...

Luke Francis is BEAUTIFUL!! Blessings and Congratulations to you all! This is so wonderful!
As an aside for the jaundice, the more you can get him to drink the quicker that will flush out of his system. If you could get him to take an ounce of sugar water. My little man was born with jaundice as well so I know how scary that is.

SFP said...


Anonymous said...

He is SO beautiful! So perfect! Congratulations!! I love the name too.

lazy cow said...

Gorgeous. One of my favourite names too. 48 hours in the hospital! You deserve a week.

Jess said...

He's really, really lovely.
And so TINY!

Glad you're okay, and home!

Badger said...

Oh! He is beautiful! Really, truly. And I'll bet he has that scrumptious new baby smell, too.

Many congrats to you!

Suse said...

Ooooh I want to smell the top of his head. And the back of his neck.

Well done darling.


(ps. sorry about the song. I only know "I heard the news today oh boy". Didn't think there might be unpleasant bits following).

Suse said...

pps. I like the biblical names thing you've got going on.

Sarah Louise said...

oh lovely. Liz was at the desk when I opened your email, so she got to see the pic of your 4th boy, too.

Hugs, and wouldn't you know that today in cleaning I found my cache of baby gifts and sibling gifts...



nutmeg said...

The Hair! The Hair! Absolutely gorgeous. As per earlier email - lovely to see you home - but so soon! You are astounding - and in the very best of ways. Hope the "settling in" of mum and bub goes well.

Stomper Girl said...

Well done and congratulations! He is just lovely. And you are surely Xena to come home so soon, I would have been trying for an extended rest, pleading jaundice as my excuse.

Boy-children are so wonderful.

Sarah said...

Luke is gorgeous! Love the name, too.

KPB said...

You know I'm giddy with delight don't you.
I mean.
You and me.
Mums to four boys.
Grover is 7 months and still I get the "oh, I bet you were hoping for a girl"
I suspect I will get it for the rest of my life.


I mean really, I can't gush about life with four boys ENOUGH.

I'm someone else has joined me in Fourboy Land.

Can you tell?

Kathy said...

I'm so happy for you and the baby.And I'm glad you're home -- even if it is a mess. You've managed to name all your boys some of my favorite names and Luke's is no exception.

jenny said...

Oh my, he's a beautiful wee one.

Congratulations, BB.


Greetings young Skywalker :)

TLB said...

Many congratulations on your expanded family!

Major Bedhead said...

He's beautiful. Congratulations!