Tuesday, February 19, 2008

“It is very, very easy not to be offended by a book. You just have to shut it.”*

Tuesday random:

I don't want to forget what they look like at this age - since this is my LAST baby.


The lovely and erudite (and pregnant - not that that's here or there...) Doppelganger is plugging the Dewey Donation System. Help a library in need get books. Go on, you know you want to. I had a good time picking out board books for the preschoolers that I know *my* guys liked. I Love You, Stinky Face, given to us by my friend D, is a particularly huge hit.


I like lasagna. But I would be happy not to see another piece of it for a few weeks. Don't mean to sound ungrateful as a lot of friends have been bringing us meals - and some have brought yummy lasagna - but three lasagnas (lasagni?) in the space of a week is plenty. I froze a lot of it, and will be very thankful for it later. Meantime, I am plowing through my friend L's delicious dessert of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries in some sort of whipped cream/sour cream sauce-y stuff. YUM.


Gina just asked me to go hear Salman Rushdie speak next week. I am so very psyched. Satanic Verses is one of my favorite books ever, and I loved Midnight's Children as well. Gina said I should come prepared with a question written down to ask him; would it be incredibly rude to ask when in the hell he is going to write another decent book? Because the last couple? Dreck. Redundant and derivative. Or actually, self-derivative, which being Salman Rushdie, could be worse, but still...


*Salman Rushdie


Miz S said...

God, he's cute. Love that sweet fuzzy head.

Joke said...

It's lasagne.

-Mr. Helpful

Paula said...

Oh, too bad we can't small that little spot on the back of his neck...

Velma said...

I think you should plan out the incisive comment with the inquisitive delivery for Mr. Rushdie, then bring the baby along and ZAP! The whole "She's Got A Baby AND A Brain" thing should be way amusing!

Plus, I'd just like to hear about it, even if there is no baby involved. :)

Velma said...

BTW - you ARE planning to swab Quatro's neck with a couple cotton balls and auction them off, right?

nutmeg said...

Can I admit that I have yet to read any Rushdie - though I want too. I think I may have to choose one for book club - should make for a good discussion too. Your newest little man looks very peaceful!