Monday, February 25, 2008

:Cabbage as a food has problems." *

Primo attended a birthday party yesterday at a glow-in-the-dark mini-golf course. (I KNOW. MY birthday parties were all held at my distinctly NOT glow-in-the-dark backyard…)

The place was positively migraine-inducing, so I dropped off Primo, made sure the birthday girl and her parents knew he was there, and ventured out to the soulless mall. I did some desultory birthday shopping for Seg (6 weeks away), and bought floor mats for the new minivan, and after walking what felt like three miles from one end of the mall to the other (why are the two stores you need to go to at opposite ends of the mall, ALWAYS?), settled down on a bench to read and drink some coffee. I was finishing up Chris Bojhalian’s Double Bind; it ended better than it had begun, and the ending was well worth slogging through the slower middle – in fact, as I read what I have just written, I realize that the book was actually sort of slow throughout, and awkwardly written in places, but ultimately a good read.

I can say no more.

What was a good, fast – almost breathless – read was Amanda Eyre Ward’s How To Be Lost. I am sad that she has only one more book for me to read, Forgive Me, but I am requesting it from the library this morning.

John Elder Robison’s Look Me in the Eye just never grabbed me – I made it through a couple chapters before he just annoyed the shit out of me. I found the parts where he talked about his Asperger’s and how it affected his interactions very interesting, but I also felt that he blamed some major asshole-like behavior on his Asperger’s. In a “Ha ha, aren’t I clever?” sort of way that smacked of arrogance – and falsehood (heck, he is Augusten Burroughs’ brother…) - to me.

In other not nearly so exciting (to YOU) news – I am pissed off as hell that first my grocery store and now the drugstore has stopped carrying the world’s best soap – SoftSoap’s Milk & Honey body wash. I am assuming it’s still made; I just can’t seem to get my dry little hands on the stuff. Badger, it’s all your fault – just like a smack habit, you got me hooked on the stuff in the first place. Enabler!


* Jane Grigson


HEATHER said...
I got that just by google. If you put a little bit of research say or any of the online services you may be able to find it.
I always hate when stores I shop in stop carrying my favorite items. So I feel your pain. Would you believe that no stores in my area carry Extra Strength Bufferin? So I regularly order from the internet. Oh and Kroger stopped carrying my favorite Lipton Lemon Soothers tea. So I ordered a case of it from Amazon.
Good Luck in your quest.

Suse said...

We have SoftSoap milk and honey in the liquid soap handwash. Is that the same?

Do you need a care package sweet one?

ps. Sueeeus is here and she brought four boxes of graham crackers. And Kool Aid for my dyeing adventures. I can send her home with softsoap for you ...

Badger said...

Ha! And I'm not even using it anymore! (I have moved on to dollar store Yardley bar soap, which I will post about on the makeup blog soon.)

I MUST know which of Amanda Eyre Ward's books you preferred, if any.

And everyone keeps telling me to read Look Me In The Eye. As the mom of an Aspie, married to an Aspie, I kind of feel like I should. But I dunno. I haven't yet.

Anonymous said...

Same dirty rat bastards took away my Life Brand Moisturizing Soap in 'orange cream' and took the good smell out of my Classic Head and Shoulders and replaced it with something in a chemical floral.


Caro said...

It's very hard to seperate the autism from the person. Sometimes I wonder if my son is throwing a tantrum due to autism or due to being spoiled. Or is he tuning me out due to autism or because he doesn't want to do something?

Sadly, I suspect the latter in both cases.

He's already getting skilled at playing his autism card. LOL

nutmeg said...

I had the same reation to Look Me In the Eye! I so wanted to like that book but it really did just "die in the arse" (some good Assie slang there) after just a few chapters.