Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hockey players wear numbers because you can't always identify the body with dental records.

Dudes! This sucks!

THIS is why I try not to get involved. Why I try not to let myself CARE.
Because every time I let myself care, THIS is what happens.

The Pens broke my heart in ‘96 when they got rid of Sergei Zubov (allegedly because the great Mario Lemieux did not get along with him); again in ‘98 when Ron Francis left in free agency for Carolina; and now – now – they have traded my Colby, he of the boyish smile and twinkly eyes – oh, and, you know, his hockey skills are important, too...

Primo came home from school crying about the trade (although he may have been more upset about the loss of Christensen), and I tried to explain that being a hockey fan can be traumatic and heartbreaking sometimes…hollow words. I was ready to cry, too.

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