Friday, August 04, 2006

She can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, and compose a blog entry that never ever lets you forget....whatever....

I am in love!

With my wireless router.

On the spur of the moment last Wednesday, I drove to CompUSA, buttonholed a salesperson who knew all about wireless, and purchased a router/hub. Which I then took home, hooked up in fifteen mimnutes, and voila! I am typing to you today from my kitchen. Where I am frying bacon, drinking tea, and listening to the boys watch "The Backyardigans" or maybe it's "Wonder Pets" now. Who can keep them straight?

I got H to bring home an external CD drive the other night and I loaded up my camera and photo software and Photoshop, so I am good to go. Once I find the XP OS disks to load Word. But otherwise, the tablet is working fine and life is good.

I should be dusting and vacuuming while The Baby is asleep. Or scrubbing out our outside garbage barrels which I discovered this morning,when I took the trash out, are CRAWLING with maggots. It's been 95-plus degreees all week, with humidity in the 90% range, and I continue to do CRAZY things like cook chickens and throw the trimmings in the trash.

But, eh. It's Friday. The dust and the laundry and the maggots can wait.
At least for ten mminutes or so.
Besides, I ran out of bleach. Need to go buy more before I can do anything about the revolting garbage can situation.

And as Blackbird pointed out to me this morning, "It's noon SOMEWHERE."


Paula said...

Here's to a good day!

Anonymous said...

It has been absolutely too hot this week to do much of anything. Besides, I think that H should tend to the maggoty garbage cans.

Gina said...

My trash can is the same way, and I have bleach and the hose ready to go for tomorrow. And I think I'm going to start lining it with those big green liners, too, because I'm tired of this grossness.

I make the boy take out the trash, but I won't make him deal with the maggots--that seems like an activity that should carry an R rating.

lazy cow said...

Just got up - to a freezing cold house - and am confronted with the thought of MAGGOTS??!!! Arggghhh. I cannot imagine the grossness.
Am v. jealous of the going wireless, though if I did that, I'd never get any reading done I'd be permanently glued to the computer.

blackbird said...

That's bb for ya...
always ready for a drink.

The cans? Which I will not elaborate upon? ARE DEFINITELY WITHIN THE REALM OF HUSBAND WORK.