Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cool Art at CMU

I've been wanting to take a picture of this for weeks, and I finally remembered to grab my camera this morning. This is called "Walking to the Sky", and it's one hundred feet tall--those people are life-sized! I swear I could look at it all day.


David said...

It's really improved our reception having that new ariel.

Sarah Louise said...

Oh good, SOMEONE took a picture. Thanks for posting this.

Joke said...

Curiously, how realistic are the people on that Stairway to Heaven?


BabelBabe said...

I wonder how many freshman will be killed by plummeting human-sized sculptural pieces?

Peg said...

My first thought: very cool.

My second thought: hey, CMU has an Escalator To Nowhere.

Can nothing in life remain untainted by The Simpsons?

Katy said...

That is super neat. How did they get it to stand up? Is it sunk far into the ground? I should go read the press release.

Did you ever see the house of hay that was covered in sod? That was a few (many?) years ago, probably during Carnival time... it was in the walkway between Purnell and Cyert (the computer building that looks like an old-fashioned flash cube)

Gina said...

Peg, I prefer to think of things not as tainted by The Simpsons, but . . . made better. To paraphrase Homer, who'd been talking about rock stars, "The Simpsons: Is there anything they don't know"?

Joke, if you click the title link and see the press release, you can sort of see the people up close (and notice how much my picture is).

Katy, I didn't see the house of hay covered in sod, but it sounds like something one of the three pigs would have lived in. :-)

BabelBabe said...

Now all CMU needs is a monorail.

"Monorail, monorail, monorail, monorail...!"

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is great! Love that!

David said...

although the discussion has died down somewhat in the absence of the students, this installation was a full blown contraversy on campus.

personally I think it is pretty cool, although the people are a little creepy.

Kevin thinks they have installed the worlds largest game of ring toss for the fraternaties.

I think it would hurt a lot to run itno while looking at a frisbee.

Gina said...

"Kevin thinks they have installed the worlds largest game of ring toss for the fraternaties."