Monday, May 01, 2006

To paraphrase: Else construct! We don't need no stinkin' else construct!

If (Child goes to sleep for the night at six pm)
He will be wide awake and full of beans and ready to go, Mama! At 430 am;

[today's title quote brought to you by the Slide-Rule Association of America]


I was going to list all the books I picked up at the library book sale – and have been bringing home in increments – but I think I am too lazy and so will wait till I read them and mention it then, okay? Great.
But I did buy the boys, at the half-price Scholastic book sale last week, Scholastic’s Encyclopedia, and a book about the Beatles, and the new Sandra Boynton, Dog Train. We are HUGE Philadelphia Chickens fans in this house (and I don’t just mean fat me), so I look forward to Dog Train. I am probably going to sneak and listen to it before I gift it to one of the boys for some occasion. Yeah, I’m rotten.

I finished Locked Rooms by Laurie R. King and it was every bit as good as all the other Mary Russell books. I am all caught up now, which is sad, because now I have to wait on her to write a new one. But I do have another Kate Martinelli mystery to read, and she has a new one coming out at the end of May. So it could be worse.

I am currently reading Albert Camus’ The Plague, which sounds all intellectual and whatnot, but is not. Like Gone With the Wind - a great classic, blah, blah blah, but reads like a potboiler with a half-naked woman on the cover, only better written. And without throbbing members.


My *only* goal this weekend was to take the boys to Ben and Jerry’s for ice cream.
I managed to put new trim molding on the porch column that was missing it, and wash down all the porch furniture preparatory to painting/polyurethaning it. I also managed to get in two runs, and worked yesterday, and cooked some meals. And ran, folded, and put away a gazillion loads of laundry. But alas. No ice cream. I am very sad about this. What a waste of a weekend.


Next weekend, round about this time or a few hours previously, I will be returning from Bethlehem, no longer pregnant, still on the damn donkey, with a wailing infant Jes…oh wait! That’s not me! Sorry! But I will be returning from Bethlehem.

If you’re going, please let Blackbird or me know and we will all figure out some general meeting place for Friday evening:


Or otherwise it’ll be me and Blackbird, sitting morosely in the hotel bar, staring at each other. Or one of us will wind up in an ice bath, minus a kidney…no, no, really, I do NOT think Blackbird is a serial killer or anything. But if you don’t hear from me by next Monday…

[I keep making that kidney joke. I should probably stop or Blackbird will think I am serious.]


Suse said...

Am SO jealous.

Not about the lack of ice cream. Not about the fear of losing a kidney to blackbird. Not about the child waking you up at 4.30am. Which is I presume why you are posting at 5.30am.

No. Jealous of you sitting around the manger next Friday night, chewing the cud and exploring the nightlife of Bethlehem.

Lazy cow said...

Blackbird should be worried about *you* after your list of dream jobs - transplant co-ordinator indeed!
Please take photos and post them.
Have a vodka martini for me.

Badger said...

I'll be with y'all in spirit(s). And feel free to drunk-dial me.

Suse said...

Ooh yes, drunk dial me too!

jess said...

Am appalled that you and the boys didn't have ice cream. Horrified.

Where should one start with Laurie King? Not like I need anything else on my 'to read' list...

I hope there's room in the inn for you...

Word vf is pxqtalk which is almost pdxtalk which would mean that you're supposed to drunk dial me in Portland, too.

My float said...

Ah, the 6pm sleep/4.30am wake up scam. Know it all too well, I'm afraid.

The Plague sounds great. Must look it up. But, what's throbbing members? What the heck kind of book is that?!

Hope you have a great time in Bethlehem and you return with all your organs intact! Look forward to reading about it when you return.

Surfing Free said...

Oh, a blogger meet up would be so much fun! We should have a Aussie one girls ... although we don't have anywhere with a fun name like Bethlehem :) There is a place in Sweden called Hell, but that won't help us.
Anyhoo, have fun!

Sarah Louise said...

cannot stop laughing.

Cari said...

As I look at my list of things to accomplish today...I think I like your goal better. Sorry you didn't accomplish it. We have new ice cream place that just opened in town, that will be my goal this week. Screw laundry

Kim said...

What is the Bethlehem meeting of which you speak? I've been meaning to ask for ages.

The mere thought of meeting Badge in the flesh makes my knees go wobbly and my head a little giddy with delight.

Then my kidneys shudder at the level of alcohol that would be consumed.

But OH, the laughing.

BabelBabe said...

we're having a blogger get-together. except Badger, the cheap cheapskate,won't be there as she will NOT spring for a plane ticket to Bethlehem PA (Noooo, I'm not bitter, whatever gave you that idea?)

Seriously, hanging with Badger would be fun but as you mentioned, my liver would probably never recover.

We are however given permission to drunk-dial Badger, and Jess, and Suse. Would anyone else care to join up?

Kim said...



AND if we plan this properly (I know, I am an organisational FREAK), Bec and I could arrange to be in the same place and you could hear the dulcit tones of THREE Australians in the one hit!