Monday, May 01, 2006

My spelling is Wobbly. It's good spelling but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places.- Winnie the Pooh

My weblog owns 43.75 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

Boy, THAT'S a shock, hmmm?


The boys and I made it to Ben and Jerry’s yesterday and imagine my dismay when they did NOT have Coconut Almond Fudge Chip (and yes, I too am shocked they can’t come up with a more imaginative name.) I didn’t know WHAT to do.
Primo ordered a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough.
Segundo is a purist, and got a scoop of chocolate.
I suffered in silence with a scoop of Sweet-Cream-and-Cookies (Oreo ice cream).
Terzo benefited from my dilemma, however, as I had no trouble feeding him titbits of sweet cream ice cream, whereas he might not have enjoyed coconut nearly so much.
I also took great comfort in knowing that I had two pints of Chubby Hubby at home in my freezer.
I will be happy to stick to Baskin Robbins from now on.
If they’d only bring back my German Chocolate Cake ice cream flavor…

After we ate ice cream, we walked up to the library.
That branch was remodeled several years ago.
Before, it was shabby and crowded and dingy.
Now it is sterile and industrial and cold and unwelcoming.
Some of us are never pleased.
I borrowed a copy of Helen Fremont’s After Long Silence, which a friend recommended to me. She’s the same woman who told me about The Sparrow, which even though she hated it and couldn’t finish it, thought I might like. And she was right. So the Fremont will travel to Bethlehem with me, probably.
In the for-sale section, I picked up, for a total of two dollars, Carrie Fisher’s The Best Awful, because I find her amusing; Seabiscuit, just because all I know about it is that Laura Hillenbrand suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome; Two for the Summit, by Geoffrey Norman, because I am a sucker for mountain-climbing/adventure stories (Ack! That just reminded me that I MUST buy a copy of this month’s Outside magazine, as Nando Parrado’s book Miracle in the Andes is excerpted)(those of you who are worried about the Ick factor will NOT like this...); and The Gluten-Free Gourmet, which will be winging its way to Carolyn as soon as I can get myself to the post office.


I am rereading Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son’s First Year, and I had forgotten, when I read this after Primo was born, how much this book resonated with me. It was a book that made me feel really so much better about the whole baby thing, when I got down on myself. Only I couldn’t ever hope to be nearly as funny as Anne was.


I have NO IDEA why these qualify as sport ANYTHING, but Ritter Sport dark chocolate with marzipan is my new chocolate bar fixation.
AND I can get them at the grocery store.
AND they’re on sale this week, five for ten dollars.


Sarah Louise and I took Seg and Terzo grocery shopping today. SL bought – a blueberry bagel. I bought two hundred bucks worth of groceries. Well, and new moisturizer (CG Smoothers SPF 15 Tinted Moisture in Fair-to-Light) and powder (CG Smoothers in Translucent Fair), and some chocolate. Plus three packs of diapers. Why H and I did not buy Pampers stock before I gave birth to Primo, I will never know, and certainly regret as one of our stupider financial moves.
On the days I go grocery shopping (seems like it’s about every other day but it isn’t, not really), I generally serve for dinner a slap-together meal of fresh stuff that won’t necessarily keep. Last night we had salami-and-provolone sandwiches with roasted red peppers on fresh crusty Italian bread, and a tossed green salad with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. I also bought a pepperoni roll for my lunch today. Tonight, H will have to cook up the fish, another thing I like to eat as soon as possible, so it’s fresh.
Gosh, how I love food.


Is the handicapped icon on the word verif new? And if so, should I tell Blogger that the word verif articulated was NOT the same as the letters on my screen?


Little known fact about me: I was the state spelling champion in the fifth grade.
Granted, it was New Jersey, and it was only private schools. But.

For everyone who has wandered around Starbucks this past few weeks, seeing ad copy for “Akeelah and the Bee”:

argillaceous adj. (ca. 1731) : of, relating to, or containing clay or clay minerals

brunneous adj. : dark brown – used chiefly scientifically

euonym noun : a name well suited to the person, place, or thing named

autochthonous adj. (1805) : 1 : INDIGENOUS, NATIVE 2 : formed or originating in the place where found

succedaneum noun : one that succeeds to the place of another : SUBSTITUTE


Is there anything more *delicious* than a warm baby?


blackbird said...

I've just noticed that handicapped logo too --
what's up with that?

Sarah Louise said...

When I clicked on the handicapped logo it wanted to update one of my audio things, so maybe it says out loud what the letters are (I didn't do the update).

SL also bought eggplant rolls and Mancini bread at Labriolas and stole Babs' sign, for which she begs forgiveness...

BabelBabe said...

It DOES say out loud, but it does NOT say the letters PICTURED which I find ODD to say the least.

jess said...

When I clicked the handicap logo it said numbers at me (with lots of gurgley watery background noise). Which I quite liked. But how the hell are people who can't SEE reading blogs? I was hoping it would convert the jumble of letters to something more legible.

My float said...

i thought the same thing as jess. LOL.

there is nothing better than a warm baby...although a warm home made choc chip cookie comes darn close!

the sandwiches sound delicious. great menu idea for tonight.thanks!

Surfing Free said...

Yeah, weird handicapped addition there blogger.
I do grocery shop every day because I have to have my bread and my fruit and veg fresh, fresh, fresh. Well, I know the green grocers just keep them in their fridge but it makes me believe they are fresh.
Your dinner sounds great - I love sandwiches for dinner!

Katy said...

Don't eat the baby. There may be songs about eating babies, but you aren't really supposed to do it. =)

Carolyn said...

I want to eat dinner at your house. It sounds delicious.

My blog owes 37.5% of me.

I e-mailed you regarding the cookbook.

Isn't it amazing how easy it is to spend big $$$$ at the grocery store and not end up with enough for the week?

Carolyn said...

Now I'm going to play with the handicapped icon.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Me too (to the 43.75%, to the what's with the handicapped logo, to the warm baby, to the groceries...)

Easier just to say Me too.

jess said...

my float - love the cookie comment. I agree, both to the baby and the cookies.

Miz S said...

Well, certainly MY feet are ugly. I try to keep them under wraps, but sneakers get HOT in the summer. Just try to avert your eyes.

Daisy said...

I went to see Anne Lamott speak and read from her new book (Plan B) a couple of weeks ago with two good friends and my sister and her new babe. She was wonderfully - very much herself - and complimented my 1-month old nephew. She also took a call from Sam while she was at the podium, which I loved. "Yes, I'm at a reading right now. Yes, I'm at the podium. Yes, they can all hear me talking to you. OK, I'll call you later. Everything's OK, right? Bye!"