Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"There are no absolutes in life, only vodka."

For Badger:


OK, here is the running tally of wireless connections I have had to set up for people, utilizing my mad translation skills (NOT!):

2 - PC connections, in English
1 - PC connection, in German
1 - Mac connection, in Chinese

If I ever have to do one in Russian -

ПОЖАЛУЙСТА передайте водку!


Lazy cow said...

Is that something like: show me the vodka before I do anything?

Sarah Louise said...

Is this something you do at work? I'm so confused!!

Katya said...

I had to do one in Chinese once -- it was awful! I'm no good at languages and, although I might have had some clue with the German, I had none with the Chinese. The girl had to sit there with me and then her English wasn't very good so that was tons of fun.

Badger said...

Oooo! Awesome! I am all honored and shit.

Am I allowed to swipe that graphic from you?

MsCellania said...

Yikes, you are much more talented that I.

Does this include any Hazard Pay?

BabelBabe said...

It translates roughly to "Please pass the vodka."

Feel free to swipe away, Badger.

And the computer thing isn't as hard as it sounds, as every single PC is set up like every other PC, so you just need to be familiar with PCs to do it. Same with Macs. It's just annoying. Esp when the person you are doing it for seems unable to translate the Chinese/German...