Monday, December 03, 2007

"I used to do my homework at one end of the kitchen table while [my grandfather] cooked at the other end." *

I just was compelled to clean the accumulated goop of a year out of the grout of my tiled kitchen table with a butter knife.

Either I need to up my Zoloft dose, or I am nesting.


* Vincent Schiavelli


Caro said...

Maybe it's a bit of both and I got FIRSTIES!

Now I command you to come clean my house!

Suse said...

I was wash walls and organise my recipe folder whenever I'm pregnant.

Are you enjoying Mr Golightly's Holiday??! 'Got it' yet?

Suse said...

That of course should be 'I wash walls'.

Too early in the morn ...

Badger said...

I never got the cleaning-type nesting. Much to my husband's dismay. Mine was all pacing and prowling around the house for hours (sidestepping the mess, of course).

Katy said...

well, it might be both, but I'd vote nesting for now.

also? ewww