Saturday, December 29, 2007

"By far the most common craving of pregnant women is not to be pregnant." *

We have been painting the room that was the office and will be the boys' room, you know, the one with the cable modem and the wireless router in it, which have been unplugged for three days now. I am a very fast and good painter, but alas, *I* am pregnant and not permitted to paint. So H has undertaken the ordeal and it will look lovely but sweet Jesus, I could do three rooms in the time it takes him to do one.

How many of you thought I'd gone into labor?
Yeah, well, I have been contracting all over the place, so it wouldn't have surprised me either...I am at thirty-four weeks, so anything is possible now. And now that Christmas is survived, I don't care when it happens. Especially if it means the god-awful heartburn goes away. I was wondering if traipsing through the damn zoo lights display tonight with the boys would trigger something, but alas, no, other than some whining (on their part, mostly).

I've been mostly doing laundry and cooking nonstop. I am sick UNTO DEATH of both feeding and clothing my family.

I escaped for an hour or so this afternoon to the bookstore, where I bought Haven Kimmel's She Got Up Off the Couch because I cruised through her enjoyable The Used World last week and decided I need to give her more of my money...well, actually, more of H's money, since he gave me a VERY generous B&N gift card for Christmas (along with some smelly (nice-smelly) lotions and stuff from Bath & Body Works, and a very pretty necklace). (I gave him two ties and a George Carlin book - such inequity. It's a wonder he stays married to me. It's probably just because he keeps knocking me up.)

In other news I am reading (still) Terra Incognita, and Jennifer Neisslein's Practically Perfect in Every Way, which is pretty entertaining. I also started R8chard Russo's Bridge of Sighs, so far, so good, but not blowing me away (not that Russo writes blow-you-away sorts of books...)

So that's it. Once the room is finished, we move all the furniture out of their current bedroom and into that one, and then all the crap out of MY bedroom into what will be the office. And I will be happy once again. Connected and happy.

More later, then....

*Phyllis Diller


blackbird said...

I can't even tell you how much I am looking forward to your labor and birth post.

Maybe I can.

Paula said...


Brings on the contractions.


Anonymous said...

Don't bother with the balsamic vinagrette salad dressing. It didn't work during my pregnancies, and now I can't stand the stuff because it reminds me of being 41 weeks pregnant.

Badger said...

I didn't think you'd gone into labor, because for some reason my mind thinks you're still in your first trimester.

DH got me a laptop, a wireless mouse and keyboard to go with it, and a freaking HUGE widescreen flatpanel monitor.

I got him a t-shirt, a book from the discount rack at B&N, and a can of nuts.

Heh heh. I think I win.

Velma said...

I enjoyed She Got Up Off the Couch earlier this year. I had Pepper at 34 weeks and Peanut at 35 weeks, so beyond this point I have no ass-vice to give, other than to recommend you have this child early and just skip all the "end of pregnancy" fun.

Suse said...

Yep, like Badger I always think you're about 14 weeks pregnant. How the heck did you get to 34 weeks without posting a belly shot on your blog.

Bring on the labour post I say.

ps. happy new year!

Caro said...

Where in hell IS your belly shot?

Your pregnancies go by much faster than mine.

KPB said...

OK, being someone seasoned to the FOURTH FREAKIN' PREGNANCY, 34 weeks still makes me a little nervous, so just hang in there until 36 ok?

Or you'll just do as I do and be over it by 34 so last until 42.

Now, this is not the best forum but I need to do it while I think of it:

1. the first few weeks will be totally overwhelming and you'll feel quite weird, as in detached, from the newest addition.
This is completely NORMAL due to the number of other CHILDREN calling upon your attention

2. I can highly recommend the use of a Labour TENS machine to help during labour. That's if you're from the mindset I occupy - the one convinced you will be the statistic that suffers irreparable paralysis from a epidural.

3. Your arse will never be the same.

4. Breastfeeding in those early few weeks does not get easier with subsequent pregnancies. The internal dialogue on how formula is not that bad however is a whole lot more convincing. (Although I, being stubborn and beligerent, kept going and as we get close to 6 months he's still solely boobfed.)

5. You may never feel like sex again. And if you do, I salute you.