Monday, August 20, 2007

"Have you ever tried...not being a mutant?" - his mom to Bobby Drake/ Iceman

Most people like Wolverine.
Or perhaps the world’s sexiest bald man, Jean-Luc, er, Patrick Stewart.

Me? I apparently am WEIRD because I dig this guy:

H and I watched X-Men 2 the other night. Despite nursing a raging, chronic headache, I was drawn in and watched all the way to the end. I remember thinking, “I am going to hate this,” as comics are so not my thing, but as with the first X-Men, I really liked it. The X-Men are only slightly less cooler than Neil Gaiman’s Endless, and I actually think they’d all get on really well.

Not that I would be willing to test that theory...


Just finished Val McDermid’s The Grave Tattoo. It was exactly the sort of book I needed. Smart, not really a mystery but mysterious enough to keep me intrigued, and as usual, written with McDermid’s impeccable and evocative prose and superb research.


It’s a rainy Monday, and we are all still in our pajamas.

Primo starts school next Thursday, and Seg the Thursday after. My summer energy is about run through. I had promised the boys a trip to the local play center, but I don’t think I can face the place today, not with my head throbbing the way it is. It’s bad enough they’re all three up in the attic playing Irish music very loudly and drumming along and, from the sounds of it, teaching themselves to jig into the bargain.

Maybe they’ll settle for new school shoes shopping and maybe some ice cream.

Maybe they’ll let me go back to bed.



Badger said...

Nightcrawler was my favorite too, but then I am half in love with Alan Cumming. (I know. Add him to my list of inappropriate crushes.)

Joke said...

WTF happened to your template?


Velma said...

I am counting the days until school starts. AAAAAAAAARGH!!!