Wednesday, August 15, 2007

They Say I'm Lazy But it Takes All My Time

Have you seen The Simpsons Movie? Well, I just had an epiphany, and there wasn't an Inuit woman in sight. Ready for this? I have decided that it's okay if my income never increases beyond normal cost of living raises. Seriously! I don't make a lot of money BY ANY MEANS, but I am able to afford an apartment I like a lot in a neighborhood I love. I keep food on the table and my modest car well serviced. I have a retirement fund and small savings account. I'm able to make it through Christmases and birthdays without selling my soul, and I can manage a decent vacation every other year or so. I pay my share of my son's tuition at the greatest school in the world. I can afford books (and bookshelves) as long as I keep my eye on things, and I replace clothes or shoes as needed and as things I love go on sale. I even budget out money for various charities that are important to me.

What else do I need? Nothing.

So there. Maybe it means little to you, but ever since I was in college I had this, "Someday when I have money . . . " mindset. I envied my doctor/lawyer/pharmacist/engineer friends for their incomes, and often wanted to kick myself right in the useless English Writing degree.

And now guess what? I just realized that it's okay if I never have any more money than I do right now.

Despite my good girl, please the adults facade, I am coming to terms that there's something I share with Bart, rather than with Lisa Simpson: I'm an underachiever and proud of it.


Iamthebookworm said...

What a great epiphany! I wish I could get to that point. After I saw that movie I had the song "Spider Pig" stuck in my head for a week.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but underachiever you're not! Finder of life's happiness, that ever elusive thing called satisfaction, you are. That is a treasure indeed.

Joke said...

That's not underachievement. That's merely achievement. So, right off, it's even better than you thought.

Me, I'm more like Sideshow Bob.


Sarah Louise said...

Yes, yes, yes! (Says the librarian with a 12 year old car who lives in a 3rd floor walk-up.)

Caro said...

You're self-supporting. You have a place to live and enough to eat. You save money. That is NOT an underachiever.