Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Heart of Darkness

Hello. Did you know that Western Pennsylvania has been transplanted into darkest Africa? Yes! It has! We have 6-billion% humidity, but DROUGHT CONDITIONS. My glasses fog up when I step from an air-conditioned building into the outdoors. There was a bit of heavy rain yesterday, but we are supposed to be making an effort to conserve water. I don't get it. And more importantly, I don't like it.

To make matters even better, we're having our annual picnic lunch here at work today. In the parking lot behind the building. Nothing like BBQ and blacktop in the heat of the workday afternoon to say, "Thanks--you do a great job." Want to show me how much I'm appreciated? Send me the hell home for the afternoon.

In other news, I officially declined the offer from the hospital. I think I did the right thing. I'm starting the part-time job at the public library next week, and will continue to be patient until the right full-time job comes along. I admit that I regret turning down the hospital because of the possibility of meeting a hot surgeon, but . . . I'll get over that.

Then again, I'm taking the boy and one of his friends camping this weekend, so maybe my future lies in some hot lumberjack-type fellow. I've always had a weak spot for a man in flannel.

My dining room in filling up with camping gear. I'm trying to plan and pack carefully, as this is the first camping trip I've undertaken as the sole adult. Who's in charge of putting up the tent? Me. Who's in charge of the fire? Me? Cooking? Me. Everything else? Me. I'll put the boys to work, but I'm trying to make sure I do as much as possible ahead of time so the weekend isn't just one big drudge-fest.

Speaking of camping, if you have any favorite campfire dishes to share, I'm all ears. (Or, I suppose, eyes.) Anyone?


Unknown said...

I have tons of great dishes...and I'd love to share them...I worked at a Girl Scout camp for years so I can give you a few. I'll post them tonight for you...do you guys eat meat? Oh and these have been taste tested by kids so they are a guaranteed hit!

Gina said...

We do indeed eat meat--thanks, dawn!

Joke said...

Squirrel tastes like a cross between pork and chicken.



Anonymous said...

Don't forget the s'mores.

lazy cow said...

Don't forget the torch, chocolate, books and alcohol.
Eggs and bacon and toast cooked over the fire are the best way to start a camping day (they even get me out of bed, I'm not a happy camper). Have fun.

MsCellania said...

My hands-down fave is potato chunks, chopped onion and chunked bacon in thick foil packets, with plenty of pepper and some garlic powder. You can pack them ahead of time and keep them in the cooler. Some people add cheese, but it makes it messy and greasy.
Remember a grate in case there isn't one where you end up. Cooking IN a fire is pure hell, I can tell you that. And bug repellent. Wipes can almost replace a shower. A shovel can be handy.

Sarah Louise said...

Haven't gone camping since high school--wow! Have fun.

And woohoo on the p/t librarian job--is it the one in First Floor fiction?

Iamthebookworm said...

Have fun camping! I have my fingers crossed that the heat wave breaks. We have it bad where I am too.

jenny said...

I've done the solo camping thing quite a few times now and make good use of your little laborers...it DOES keep the drudge fest at bay.

pillsbury crescent rolls (wrap an individual roll spiral-like around the end of a stick)

melted butter

cinnamon & sugar mix

toast the spiraled rolls on the fire (you'll know they're done when they can slide right off the stick), dip them in the butter and then into the cinnamon/sugar mix.

Easy peasy and delicious. Have fun.