Friday, August 03, 2007

When You're a Jet, You're a Jet All the Way . . .

So, um, Hi! It's been a while, you say? Or maybe you assumed I was BB, and are now vaguely confused by my intrusion? Yeah, I've been awfully quiet, but I've been lurking and linking and keeping tabs on everyone . . . and when BB asked last night whether I'd mind if she noodled around with our template, I thought, "Boy, I really should post something, huh?"

So here I am. Some things are different or changing, like the fact that I've finished school and am now qualified to be a real librarian. And I have a meeting today at which I think I might be offered a cool job as a medical librarian (fingers crossed).

Other things are the same, like the reading/bookstore habit. I think I'm getting worse, and may have to check into some sort of facility: It's now almost impossible for me to be within 25 yard of a bookstore and not visit it. And buy at least one thing. I went to the bank Tuesday over lunch and was sucked into the B&N vortex. When I was spat back out, I had a copy of Watership Down for the boy. I went to the (shudder) mall last night to pick up a jacket I'd ordered, and was sucked into that B&N and left with a girly book by Madeleine Wickham, who it turns out is the Shopaholic author Sophie Kinsella. I also picked up a Wodehouse I didn't have, and Stardust, which I have to read before the movie comes out.

I read my own copy of Ehtan Frome the other night (picked up years ago for a buck, so that doesn't count). I just bought and read the new Jasper Fforde (decent beginning, slow-ish middle, exciting ending), and a very likely horrible book called The Links: The THird Millennium that I *had* to buy because the poor author was sitting at a card table in Borders, all alone, trying to move copies. I felt so bad for him! So I bought the book, and he signed it, and I wished him luck, and . . . I will probably never, ever read it.

So that's pretty much what's been up with me, book-wise, since Harry Potter.

Still just with the one kid, who is on his way to Cedar Point for the first time, with his dad and grandparents. I took him and another kid on vacation to Las Vegas (the nation's toilet, as far as I'm concerned) last week, and we rented a car and drove to the Grand Canyon, which was one of the best things I've ever done. Ten-year-old boys are surprisingly excellent company.

Oh, and speaking of the boy, he (accidentally) plowed me in the nose/glasses with a soccer ball last night, and I'm sporting a charming bruise. I'm counting on it being a nice ice-breaker at my meething this afternoon.

Good times.


Joke said...

You? Wodehouse? Who knew?


BabelBabe said...

i am so glad you posted! and as far as the bruise: heck, it'll keep the patrons from messing with you!

Badger said...

Dude! You're alive!

Good luck with the meeting thingie.

As far as the bruise, I suggest you fall back on the classic, "You oughta see the other guy."

Gina said...

Yes, Wodehouse! I can't read him without at least grinning, and sometimes a girl needs a grin.

And thanks for the well wishes. It's nice to be back, and I'll do my best to keep up. (There's a possibility, though, that I may actually be required to spend more than 20% of my time *working* if I get the new job, so we shall have to see.)

Katy said...

Yay for Gina being back!

Good luck with the meeting thing. It sounds like you have the same, um, situation, with bookstores that I do with yarn stores. I say you should just embrace it! Books are good. Everyone likes books, right?

lazy cow said...

Hey, welcome back. I have the same problem with bookstores, but it extends to charity stores too. As BB says, it could be worse and we could be snorting crack.
Congrats on your qualification and good luck on the job. And keep posting!