Monday, September 01, 2008

"Brown paper packages tied up with string..."*

In an effort to kickstart my hibernating writing mojo, I am trying a few different things (remember the boxes gimmick?)

The first is the 100 Word Blog Post. Kim swiped it from someone I don't read, and I am swiping it from Kim. (If I got the genealogy wrong, I apologize.)

I am thinking of coupling it with a Jeopardy-style quiz (although all I can think of is, "Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?")

Here we go, the first outing. Leave the answer (in the form of a question, natch) in comments:

Turkey Hill Coconut Cream Pie and Baskin-Robbins Nutty Coconut ice creams.

BLTs, homegrown tomatoes dripping juice down my wrists, with a glass of iced tea, some SunChips, and organic carrots.

Bacardi cocktails topped off with seltzer. (I do feel a little funny drinking a pink drink.)

Ricky Gervaise and “Extras.”

More specifically, Gervaise’s wonderful laugh. Simply hearing it makes me happy.

Cooler evenings.

Cynthia Kaplan’s Leave the Building Quickly

The Baby rocking back and forth and then flinging himself headlong to gain more ground in his quest to circumvent the first floor.

Segundo trouncing H and Primo at real Monopoly.


*C'mon, this was a gimme.


Anonymous said...

What are things that make you happy?

blackbird said...

(singing) THESE ARE A FEW OF MY...

nice list.

Badger said...

Okay, whatever with the game, but you really SHOULD be reading Eleanor (the one from whom Kim swiped the 100 words thing). You would like her.

Anonymous said...

What are things you've been digging lately?

And now I'll take Potent Potables for $500.

Velma said...

What is "Too many repeat viewings of 'The Sound of Music?'"

Oh, no, wait - that's my current state of existence. Why did I agree to DVR it when it was on this weekend?

BabelBabe said...

you are all so clever. but they'll get harder....

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