Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"I lost on Jeopardy, baby..."

Another gimme, but I am warming up. Thanks for playing. And somebody please give me a link to Eleanor so I can read her.

Today's answers:

A (childless) neighbour who parks his car in front of my house. Necessitating shepherding four kids across the street or carrying groceries down the block.

The neverending noise of lawncare implements.

The pool closed yesterday; temps this week are predicted to be near 90.

The rate at which my children outgrow their shoes.

They inform me of this at 8 am on a gym day.

Night terrors.

Scratched DVDs from the library.

I can’t renew library DVDs online.

Seg’s tendency to preface Every. Single. Thing. he says with “Mommy?”

Terzo‘s reluctance for diaper changes but his equal reluctance for potty-training.

Tomorrow: Something else clever. Trust me.
And has Liz had her baby yet?

*Weird Al Yankovic


blackbird said...


Badger said...

What are "reasons Badger doesn't own a gun, because if she did and all that happened to her, she'd be blowing someone's ass away and then she'd be in jail and they don't serve cocktails there so f*ck that"?

Am I close?

Suse said...

Things that make you want to stamp your foot petulantly and shout FECKIT rather loudly?

KPB said...

I'm so confused. (yes, I am the village idiot over here)

So you're posting the answers and we have to create the question?

and what Blackbird said about where to find Eleanor.

BabelBabe said...

YES! Dingdingdingding! We have several winners. (Unfortunately you don't win anything...other than my undying love and respect...)

Anonymous said...

Weird Al is one of my Secret Boyfriends. The Boy loves him too and agrees he'd make an excellent step dad, so now we just need to get Al to join in with the plan, and we're set.