Thursday, September 04, 2008

"He was observant of a world he didn't understand but he told a wonderful story."*

"This [crack in the sidewalk] looks like a shark."

"These are little pancakes!" (No, I have no clue what he means...)

"Mickey Mouse!"

"Idy likes the sun."

"Quarto lost his hat!" (half a block back...)

"Mommy's wearing her new shoes."

"People live here now." (The house finally sold.)

"This one has a sign now!" (House next door is now up for sale.)


"This [walking backwards] is fun."

And the question is...?

*Cuba Gooding, Jr.


Anonymous said...

What are comments Terzo made while walking Seg to school?

Badger said...

What makes Terzo Teh Awesome?

And I LOVE the shoes. LOVE. Need a pair of my own, in fact.

Joke said...

How long did the backwards walking last?


KPB said...

So just how long can it take to walk from the car, which is parked across the street because of the shithead childless neighbour taking the good spot again, to the house?

Velma said...

What is "How the hell are you going to keep up with these smarty-pants kids of yours when they get older?!?"

(It's a question I ask myself daily.)

Amy A. said...

You have awesome houses in your neighborhood. I hope you get awesome neighbors.

Amy A. said...

Sorry, I have a kid who uses awesome all the time. I guess it's overflowing into my comments. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, those houses are gorgeous. AND HUGE.

And your kid says the cutest things.

That wasn't a question, was it?