Saturday, August 30, 2008

"I sincerely miss those heavy metal bands, I used to go see on the landing in the summer."*


The pool closes this weekend. And the temps go up to 85+ on Wednesday. Of course.

Reading Maisie Dobbs (still), Laura Lippman (still), and Cynthia Kaplan, who I may be just the eensiest bit in love with. Her essays ring so true (the one about her grandma with Alzheimer's is pure genius).

Following political stuff pretty closely right now, and am so proud of Obama. I think he is going to win, and I think that his presidency will be historic in more ways than just the one that gets touted in the mass media.

Wanting coconut ice cream. And a few consecutive hours to read and think and write. And maybe some Chex Mix. Also, a few limes (which I also forgot at the grocery store) to try my hand at mojitos.

Spent the day yesterday sorting game and puzzle pieces and putting them away in the new closet storage system (read: milk crates), moving books onto the boys' new bookshelves and culling the collection, washing, sorting, and putting away laundry, finding uniform pants and shirts, scrubbing the brick and mortar dust off the porch and porch furniture, calling the shrub removal guy/the water department/the plumber, all the household tasks that little sick guys who want to be held have prevented me from doing the past week.

Could I be any more boring? It's been much the same here on this blog for several weeks and I apologize. Sick starting...Labor Day festivities (ha! I was smart enough to decide against the giant party here, sometimes I am not as dumb as I think)...migraine...check back in another week. The babysitter will be here on a regular basis, two of the four will be in school all day, I will have active clients again, my brain may begin to function on other than a reptile level again, and I might be more interesting. Don't worry, it's all fine, just not a lot of brainpower or time...have a lovely, long weekend.

*Wilco. But of course.


Badger said...

The temps will go UP to 85? Oh, dude. If the temps ever go DOWN to 85 here, I am putting on jeans and a sweater.

MsCellania said...

It was 107 in Las Vegas yesterday. Which is where I am, having a vacay from the kiddies to regain my sense of self. I know of what you speak...
You have a wonderful, long weekend, too. And YAY for school, babysitting, work -- and mothering, too.

Caro said...

Sounds like you are being productive. I should follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Damn that Badger, for stealing my line.


tut-tut said...

Have you read The Great Man, by Kate Christensen? Wry.

viagra said...

Bad luck the temp is rising that much. I really hate summer, yeah am a freak I know. But don't worry about the "boring, it happens from time to time, and the god part is we get back in our feet soon enough