Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles..."*


Without blood, or any incident whatsoever.

Primo got English muffins out of the freezer, toasted them, put Nutella on them (“Don’t worry, Mom, I used a butter knife, not the steak knives.” Ohhhh, gooood) , and then cleaned up. They were so proud of themselves, my little Nutella-slathered guys.

They neglected to wipe the kitchen table, but I am the only person in this house who does that on a regular basis – and once every few weeks, I scrub it down anyway, and take a knife to the crusty grout (which, incidentally, would be a fabulous name for a band).

Primo pointed out that if I move the cereal down from the top of the refrigerator, they can get their own breakfasts every morning.
Leaving Mama to loll in bed with bonbons and trashy novels until 10 a.m.

I am off to my 6-week post-partum check-up, and to grocery shop for Seg’s family birthday dinner tomorrow. I will try to fit in a run later. I will go to the library, too - although I am deliberately not returning books I know to be overdue, so that I may finish them (there's holds on them, so cannot renew. Bad library patron.) I am feeling remarkably cheery today.

How odd.


"Miracle of Miracles," Fiddler on the Roof


sara said...

I LOVE Nutella...

I am trying to organize my husband to do a library run this morning. He is so lax about returning things on time, I think he's racked up $10 worth of fines and I'm afraid he's going to get his card revoked, and then ask to start using mine.

blackbird said...

YOU are a library scofflaw.

Anonymous said...

If there is nutella in my house, I will eat it, and practically nothing else, until it is gone.

delta said...

I have a book I am really enjoying and have not been able to finish. I, too, renewed it once and thought I would not be able to renew it again. The book is due today, so I decided I would just keep it, finish it, and pay the fine. I want to finsh the book, gosh darnit! I went online just to check, and the system DID let me renew a second time. I was thrilled! Although if it hadn't, I would have kept it and finished it. I know you said your book was on hold so you can't renew it. As the Tom Cruise character in Risky Business once said: "Sometimes you just have to say what the f---!" I don't particularly like Tom Cruise, but that line has stayed with me for some twenty years now.

PS - I am a librarian to boot!

lazy cow said...

Was JUST thinking I need to move the toaster so my son can reach it and make his own breakfast instead of waking me up at 6.30 every morning moaning "I'm HUNGRY" (gee maybe that's because you didn't eat any dinner the night before?)
I do that with library books too, and feel dreadfully wicked. Am avoiding the place at the moment because I have 24 reserves to pick up and no time to read any of them!

Caro said...

I never thought of that. (keeping them when I can't renew) Clever.

MsCellania said...

Wait a few more months and the little dears will make YOU breakfast.
I worried about them taking a fork to burning, stuck toast, so we had a chin wag about that. Now I'm scared I gave them an idea! I also ask for 'just buttered' toast as the jelly makes an awful mess to clean out of the stairs.
I actually keep dry cereal and bowls IN MY ROOM so I can keep the boys in with me longer, and they can have first breakfast of dry cereal and water. If you buy the whole grain kind, it sticks to their ribs for HOURS. We read in bed, play on the computer, watch cooking shows. But I have to vacuum our room constantly as there is cereal all over...
Glad you're feeling good today. You must've gotten more than 3 hours of sleep at a stretch. How is #4's tummy doing?

Sarah said...

I am very impressed! My teenagers STILL can't get their own breakfasts. No kidding, they'll wait for hours then cry MOOOOOMMMM! I'M STARVING!

Year after year of no sympathy has had no effect.

Also, I'll vouch for Mscellania's claim to having cereal in her room. Msc. lives, totally coincidentally, one mile from me.

Just D said...

Heavens... my youngest is 10 and just now making her own breakfast. But each kid typically makes their own lunch/snacks and I'm teaching them to make coffee. When they were tots, I too kept cereal handy in my room. Maybe I oughta keep the coffee pot in my room? Oh, and $10 'Telfair'? I've paid more than $40 in late fees. I have to pay late fees nearly every single time I go to the library. Bad me. My husband thinks they should name a wing after me. What exactly IS nutella???