Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Mum! Dad! It's evil! Don't touch it!"

Facebook = Virtual heroin


A few of my girlfriends went out with me last night. A big fat blue cheese burger, a couple of Penn Pilsners, and some wholly inappropriate girltalk, and four hours later I had sufficiently decompressed. I felt so much better today, thank you for all the support and kind words. I knew a new baby would be hard, but….it’s still HARD, you know? I also got my hair cut today (chunky layers put back in) so I feel marginally less trollish.


Also this afternoon, Primo and I went sneaker shopping (for him), and stopped at a different branch of the library (New! Exciting! Fun! Complete with glass elevator which Primo was dying to ride!), and had some ice cream at Baskin Robbins. He kept telling me how much FUN he was having, and he opened up a bit about some school stuff, and we enjoyed an hour in each other’s company. Which was a relief because as soon as we got home he started tormenting Seg again (although I notice he very politely asked the man at the shoe store for a second copy of the free magazine with Sidney Crosby’s photo on the front cover. A second copy, for Seg.).


I finished Forgive Me last night. It was a technically more complex book than either of Ward’s previous efforts, but it lacked soul. Or heart. Or maybe both. Not to say it didn’t keep me glued to the page – it did; but I didn’t empathize with the heroine the way I did in Ward’s other books. She tackled a tangled set of complex issues, headed up with apartheid, so I did learn a bit about South Africa’s bloody history - which makes me want to read at least some Nadine Gordimer. Any other reccs, folks?


As a nod to the movie meme sweeping the Internet, go on and guess which movie the quote came from...


Sarah said...

Glad you got some Dolya time!

blackbird said...

Time out with friends, a date with a boy and a haircut always help...
I'm glad you're having a better day.

Badger said...

Ack. I am reading Forgive Me next week (AND MEETING THE AUTHOR DID I TELL YOU THAT) so I'll have to see if I concur. I had trouble warming up to a couple of characters in Sleep Toward Heaven, FWIW (most notably the doctor).

Meanwhile I am reading The Devil in the White City and it's giving me the most bizarre dreams.

Jess said...

I was impressed by Meg Rosoff's latest, What I Was. Did you read How I Live Now? Another good one.

Right now I'm enjoying Robert Graves' I, Claudius.

When I saw your Facebook profile, I realized I'd never seen your picture before. Weird.

lazy cow said...

Girls' nights out are the best. And one-on-one dates with children are pretty good. I try and squeeze an hour here and there with the girl, so she doesn't feel deprived!
The fact that I read the whole of Forgive me in an afternoon, while not being able to understand or engage with the main character (forgotten her name already, damn) is testament to the author's writing. And I usually avoid anything about apartheid.
The library finally has How to be lost waiting for me, yay!

lazy cow said...

And Jess's rec What I was? Sensational.
I'm currently reading the second Kiki Strike book by Kirsten Miller. Fun, escapist, kick-arse bunch of girls.

KPB said...

The fourth breaks you.
From my experience.

Anonymous said...

Delurking to answer your quote question: Time Bandits!

I LOVE that movie.

Caro said...

A blue cheese burger sounds delicious. Mmmm.

It sounds like the kids are taking advantage of your fatigue. They are far more clever than we give them credit for. :-)

I still remember how utterly exhausted I was with my last baby. Then I had to drive my kids to school, every morning. The baby screamed in the back seat the whole time.

I was so tired I could barely focus on driving. Yep, those were the days. LOL

Of course now he's five already. Where does the time go?

I'm glad you got some girlfriend time.