Sunday, March 02, 2008

"Our names are smirched?" *

I always try to pick library books for the boys on my weekly (or more frequent) trips there. I especially focused on Seg this week, as he is READING. Really reading, sounding out words and spelling words to me that he doesn't recognize (and thrilled to death to be able to read the sports page).

I randomly picked this Daniel Pinkwater picture book, about two polar bears accused of stealing blueberry muffins from the docks in Bayonne, NJ. It IS as insanely ridiculous as it sounds, and it's hysterical.

I LOVE this book, and even better, I LOVE reading this book out loud to the boys - Seg especially appreciates the dry humor, and I love voicing the smart-mouthed bears.

I need to own this book (and the other five in this series).

Any of you with kids - trust me - go check out this hilarious book featuring the muffin-loving polar bears, Irving and Muktuk.


* Irving, in The Bad Bear Detectives


Kathy said...

That book sounds hilarious! Too bad my kids are no longer young.

Jess said...

I love his polar bear books, although I haven't read that one yet. I also like his Blue Moose books.

MsCellania said...

The Bad Bears are some of our favorite books. We love Irving and Muktuk. The boys are also crazy about Alexander and his terrible, horrible really bad day - actually the Alexander trilogy from Viorst.

nutmeg said...

You know when a book is just extra good when you want to read it to the kids and not just want to get to the end! Thanks for the tip.