Sunday, March 16, 2008

"I've been a wild rover for many a year, and I've spent all my money on whiskey and beer."*

Toilet overflowing (complete with water dripping through dining room ceiling): Check.

Girl vomiting/peeing self in kitchen (ok, she was three): Check.

Snoring man passed out upstairs in my bed (my two-year-old): Check.

Floors sticky with beer (and juice): Check.

Wow, my life (and my St Pat’s party) is JUST LIKE living in a fraternity.

(Except instead of being a little sister, I am the mommy.)


*"The Wild Rover"


Sarah said...

Faith and begorrah!

Badger said...

Well, that sounds ... like Hell, a little bit.

I'm as Irish as the day is long, and I'll be lucky if I even get any soda bread made. We're out of both currants and raisins, so I dunno whether it's even worth the bother.

Caro said...

Thank goodness the sink vomiter was three.

It sounds like a heck of a party.

Unknown said...

But was there beer pong?

MsCellania said...

Sounds like my parties.
Except for the toilet issue, thank God.
How'd your food go over?

Velma said...

Beer pong? Ah, memories! What about a beer slide? Did you have a beer slide? You are are right - it it totally reminiscent of fraternity life. Wel, at least it's over for another year, right?