Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You don't sing me love songs, you don't bring me flowers...

Is it a bad sign to be quoting Neil Diamond? I have been a wee bit out of sorts and grumpy and un-bloggy. But I think I am better now. *I* have NOT been OxyCleaning my house, however.

I HAVE gotten a rug for my bedroom. Shhhhh, don't tell H, I trash-picked it. It cost a hundred bucks to have it cleaned thoroughly, but other than a few very small moth-damaged bits, it is in fabulous shape. It looks great in the bedroom, with all the bookshelves and pale colors. I just need to paint the trimwork now.

Baby sold separately.

AND witness - Big Boy Underwear! Seggie is now potty-trained. He has even gone three nights with a dry bed! Yay, Seg! Although why oh why did I not buy stock in Pampers when I had the chance?

AND I ventured into that hell, the swimsuit department, and I found a swimsuit that doesn't exactly make me look like, say, Christie Brinkley, but since I don't look like Christie on my best day ("Will I ever play the piano again, doc?") I am ok with the fact that I look all right in it, and I have not frightened any small children at the pool. That I know of.
Notice I did not show you a picture of the actual purchased swimsuit. Because it is skirted. Now, I know skirts on swimsuits are VERY in this year, and it's not a frumpy old-lady skirt but a cute little black straight one, but since I used to make fun of people who wore skirted bathing suits, I am going to pretend I didn't reveal that to you.

In other news, Sarah Louise went to visit her parents this weekend. And she brought ME back a present. A very cool present. Any of you who are expecting various mailings from me may anticipate them being sealed with my - ahem - royal seal.

And look at the cool wax stick. It's almost too pretty to use up.

I consider myself a bit of a Luddite when it comes to writing implements and stationery and letter-writing/sending implements. I can spend hours browsing through office supply places, stationers, heck, the school supplies aisle of Giant Eagle. I have long maintained that the Victorian custom of the lady of the house retiring to her morning room to deal with correspondence (and menu-planning) should be brought back. I would LOVE to swan around my morning room (perhaps wearing those furry slipper thingeys). So anyway, I think that this little shop, from whence my cool present came, would be totally my cup of tea.

Another view. Because it is JUST. SO. COOL.

And last - but most definitely NOT least - I returned the books to the library. Well, most of them. Seg peed on the one Titanic book. So we are going to have to replace that one. I have no doubt that some people would have just swabbed it off and put it in the book bin and no one would be any the wiser. Having said THAT, I may never borrow a library book again. No, no, kidding. I'll take my chances. Besides, reliable sources tell me that urine is sterile.


MsCellania said...

That rug is amazing.
And I'm partial to your 'V' stamp, being a 'V' myself.
Still can't get over that beautiful rug.

cityfarmer said...

Non bloggy...I love it and I needed a good laugh today, and this post certainly entertained me for a few min.

I've been away from my desk, playing host to a huge garage sale(tried to post pics, but blogger is being non bloggy, too)
Anyway watch for garage sale updates..I sold a bunch of stuff that you would have loved!!!

Sarah Louise said...

It's so much fun to be featured in your posts! Glad you like the stamp.

And Seggie, WAY TO GO! (about potty training, not the library book.)

Carolyn said...

You shameful trash picker, you! I won't tell. :D

I love that stamp. SL is a good friend.

Welcome back.

Gina said...

Will you tell the librarian why you're replacing the book? :-)

My float said...

the rug is gorgeous. great buy!
my partner bought me one of those stamps from an overseas trip - it helped me feel better about the fact that i didn't get to go.

blackbird said...

the rug is divine -
the baby delish,
and the stamp is just the BEST.

when you send that baby away to camp?

Carolyn said...

I didn't tell Segundo congratulations and that was some of your biggest news of all!


Cari said...

So funny about the swimsuit. I bought a skirted one too, and always felt the same way you did. But again, this is a cute one...but still a skirt. I look at all those binikied girls and just sigh. That used to be me.

I spent way too much money on one that somewhat looked okay. Of course it would be the one that is NOT on sale.

Suse said...

Love the rug and the baby, and many years ago Sueeeus sent ME a seal and three HOMEMADE red sealing wax sticks. I still have them all because I've only ever been able to bring myself to use it once, you know in case I use it all up and then am bereft.

(The one time I did use it was when Son #1 went on an overnight camp on the 'Pollywoodside' which is a heritage tallship docked here in Melbourne. All the kids were the 'crew' from 1890, sailing from Belfast to the colonies, and they slept on the boat and scrubbed the decks and took turns to take watch etc. After supper the captain handed out 'the mail' which was letters we parents had secretly handed in. We wrote in proper ink and used old-looking paper [thick paper dipped in tea to age it], pretending to be in 1890 sending news from the old country. And I used my red seal on that letter).

Gosh what a ridiculously long comment. I got carried away. Sorry.

PS. Congrats Segundo!

David said...

Much hotter than Ms. Brinkley - any day.

Lazy cow said...

Those Spiderman undies look familiar (the Boy has the same pack). Couldn't find the BtheB ones though. Congrats Segundo.
Did you really get the lovely rug in the trash? My husband found our (8) bentwood dining chairs in the dumpster behind a city bar. We only needed to have them lacquered and they were fine.
Am coveting the sealing wax.

Miz S said...

I like the rug, too. How 'bout a picture of the whole room so I can get the general effect with the pale colors and the bookcases?

srk said...

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