Thursday, July 27, 2006

At six o'clock their Mummies and Daddies, Will take them home to bed, Because they're tired little Teddy Bears.

Now that all of the scheduled activities of summer are over - the zoo camps and the art camps and the swimming lessons - we have our days completely free to do what we like. (I mean, after dinner is planned and laundry is done and the house is cleaned, right? and of course, working around the nap schedule.) We have all sorts of fun and exciting stuff planned - visiting the Science Center with its submarine you can tour (have I ever mentioned that I am claustrophobic?); visiting Old Economy Village for the train exhibit; afternoons at the pool; out-of-town visitors and visits to relatives...but yesterday, it was as simple as a walk to the park, some baseball playing, and a picnic.

The boys call this uphill slog "Gordon's Hill" and run up, pretending to be Thomas and Toby or some other Very Useful Engines. I push up the stroller, counting it as exercise. I wish that they exhibited this much energy on the way down - then it's all, "Are we home yet? I have to go to the bathroom! Can you carry me?"

We had peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches - crunchy for Primo, creamy for Seg. And grapes and banana and apple and chocolate-chip cookies and bottles of water, and a bagel for the baby. And of course, coffee for the Mama.
We could play checkers if we liked, as you can see.

Primo kept shouting at Seg to "pump, pump!" And Terzo just laughed and laughed, showing off his three - almost four - teeth. And apparently utilizing the swing as a sort of teether.

We played some baseball when we first got there, but we were thwarted in our second-inning efforts by not one, but TWO, weed-whacking gentlemen from the city division of lawncare. (Can you see them in the pics? It's like Where's Waldo? But different.) I am sure that Division of Lawncare is NOT what they call it....but what would YOU call it? Honestly I did not mind, as my initial sprint to first base caused my poor childbirth-ravaged bladder to rebel and I was afraid I might dribble a little. And I am not talking basketball.
The boys also had to pee - and they gleefully ran behind a tree and let it, er, whiz.

So, after an hour or two, we packed it in and packed it up and headed home.
For well-deserved naps. And cold drinks. And convenient bathrooms. Ah, bliss.


Peg said...

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman do a wonderful version of that song on the album "Not For Kids Only." (Yes, I said the "album," even though it's a CD.)

Thanks for making me feel as if I were there with you on your trip to the park. Would have been fun to play some baseball, too.

Surfing Free said...

Looks like you had that lovely park to yourselves ... apart from the weedwhacking fellows. BTW - we call them whipper snippers in Australia. Just a little something to add to your US/AUS dictionary :)

I dread putting my girls in swings because it is a really big time commitment - they could sit in a swing and be pushed by me, non-stop, for six months and still want more!

Suse said...

Do not jump on a trampoline within three years post-childbirth.

Carolyn said...

Tell those boys to stop growing so fast!

Lazy cow said...

Don't sneeze either.

I love those relaxed park days - as long as you are prepared. Half the time it's "I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I need the toilet, I need a coffee (me). Thankfully our local park has clean loos and water fountains. I just have to bring the food and coffee.

Miz S said...

You're a good mom, Babelbabe.

Oh, and I hear ya on the childbirth-ravaged bladder. And I only had 2 children. But they still ravaged the hell out of my pelvic floor. One of these days I'll be clipping coupons for adult diapers.

blackbird said...

I could never bring a coffee to the park!
A grande is four pees.

Sounds perfect, the day...and I'm sure that your baby was the first ever to put his mouth on that swing.

Badger said...

I would call it the Ministry of Tiny Flying Objects That Could Put Your Eye Out. Since you asked.

Oh, and we totally have that album/CD that Peg mentioned! It's fabulous. I think I like it more than the kids do.

It's too damn hot here to go to the park, alas. I expect to spend most of next week at the pool, though.

Sarah Louise said...

bb makes me laugh...

Oh, a day in the park. How lovely. It still doesn't make me like summer any more.

Are you really going to the train exhibit??

and I think if that's not what it's named, they *should* call it the Division of Lawncare.