Tuesday, July 18, 2006

“Five is right out.” - Monty Python’s Holy Grail ------------ !!!UPDATED!!!!

Peg is absolutely right, and I am not sure how I missed it! Hey, maybe the OCD is cured! That trip to Lourdes really worked!
Here's my fifth thing of five and in keeping with Blackbird's original intentions, it is NOT book-related:

Five Things in/on my Nightstand
a bottle of seltzer water
my ceiling fan remote
a blue spaghetti-server thingey from IKEA that works wonderfully as a back-scratcher (and no, I do not put it back in the kitchen, its exclusive use is now as a back-scratcher)
a stack of to-be-read books
the newest issue of House and Garden

Oh, and the bear claw has been consumed. So I owe you a different purse item: how about, a recipe for Recuperation Soup, from Esurientes, one of my favorite food blogs and probably the first blog I ever started reading, via Lazy Cow? I am dying to try it.

All right. As you were...

National Meme Week continues...

5 Things meme, from Blackbird

5 things in my closet -

my winter boots (LL Bean duck boots)
all my extra purses/bags
a hat box with a cute straw boater in it
my pants/skirts/dresses, hung up
most of my necklaces, hanging on a hook

5 things in my fridge -

Sesame oil
Primadonna Italian dressing
A six-pack of Smirnoff Ice
A pineapple

5 things in my car –

Empty coffee to-go cups
Three carseats
A picnic blanket
A polarfleece blanket
A box of baby wipes

5 things in my purse -

My weekly planner
A packet of mini barrettes to keep my bangs out of my eyes
My cell phone
My favorite red pen
A bear claw pastry, in a brown paper bag


Sarah Louise said...

Oooh, first to comment!

Picnic basket sounds lovely and the bear claw is no surprise...



Joke said...

[Homer Simpson voice] "Mmmmm...bear claw..." [/Homer Simpson voice]


Surfing Free said...

Hmm , I can't work out what a barrette is. A hairband?
I like the sound of your fridge contents!

Sarah Louise said...

A barrette? It's a hair holder--it has a front that is sometimes plain and sometimes decorated. The back clips it on, to hold the hair back.

I just found a British (I think) site that calls them autoclasps. Perusing the Aussie sites, it looks like they are just called hair clips.

There's a website called www.barrettebaron.com that has pictures.

Now--that's more than you wanted to know!

Suse said...

'Barrette' sounds like something to do with marching bands.

However I do happen to know that it is American for 'hair clip'.

PS. You know, the pineapple will have more flavour out of your fridge, kept at room temperature.

BabelBabe said...

OK, so what is a hair grip then?

and I know about the pineapple/fridge thing but we are battling the invasion of the fruit flies as best we can. the open bottle of red wine on the kitchen table is the fruit fly trap, not a sign that we are snarfing wine for breakfast, I swear....

Peg said...

BB, you need one more set of five so there are five sets of five things please?

P.S. Etymologically speaking, "barrette" was/is really French. We just did that American thing and twisted the pronunciation of a possibly made up word to suit our own purposes.

Joke said...

I need a picture of the spaghetti thing.


Sarah Louise said...

Glad you rescued that bearclaw...I was getting worried.


Carolyn said...

Regarding the bear claw, what Joke said.

Peg said...

Thank you! I feel much better now.