Thursday, June 15, 2006

Take off your Band-Aid because I don't believe in touchdowns

This entry brought to you by the letter Q – no, T! Agh! (That [paraphrased] quote brought to you by “Monty Python’s Holy Grail.”)

This post sponsored by Carolyn of The TMI Spot.


Q – Jess (of Garish and Tweed fame)’s first little niece-y type, with blonde curls and a new little sister.

Quicksand – I have always been arrogant about quicksand. I will bet you *I* could pull myself out. No idea from whence this insane confidence stems.

Quisp -

Quaker/Quaker Oats – I always thought I’d make a good Quaker. Turns out I am a just-fine Episcopalian, which is all right too. And Quaker Oats – I prefer the instant Maple and Brown Sugar, with lots of hot water and milk, to make it soupy. (My boys prefer it thick.) And Quaker used to make a Pop-Tart-y type of toaster pastry with oats in the crust. H liked them, in strawberry. Then Quaker discontinued them. Damn them.

Quadratic - as in quadratic/polynomial equation. Just SAY it. Doesn’t it just roll off the tongue? Gosh, I love the word. Quadratic.

For that matter, quads. As in, “I ran three miles this morning and boy, are my quads killing me!”

Quarantine – have I mentioned how much I enjoy plague books?

Quid - the English monetary unit also known more formally as the pound. Oh, how I wish I were in England! And I just helped a patron find bibliographic info on John Donne, so now I long to be there. In front of a table full of double cream, strawberry jam, strong tea, and SCONES.

Quilt – Which I do. Slowly. By hand. See?

Quiet. (Ahhhhhh.)

Quandry, quarrel, quack (quack, quack), quackery, quibble, quagmire, quarrel….I adore the “qu” consonant combo.

Carolyn, the Q just wasn’t that hard.


Tristan - Have you ever read James Herriott’s Yorkshire vet books? All Creatures Great and Small, etc.? One of the vet brothers he works with is named Siegfried; the other, younger, dashing and debonair brother is named Tristan. Tristan sounds like he’d be a hoot. Of course, he'd have to be, with the Wagnerian name. I suppose he should just be grateful he wasn't christened Zoltan.

Tsunami – Primo is obsessed with natural disasters at the moment. I am intent upon shielding him from any well-meaning twit who might think it’d be cool to tell him all about last year’s killer tsunami.

Towel (monster) – what I turn into when I have my wet hair wrapped up after a shower. I growl and tickle the boys' bellies. The boys think this is hilarious and giggle and shout with laughter. It’s a good time and oh so simple.

Ticky-tacky: Little boxes, little boxes, little boxes all the same

Tea – which I drink way too much. At the moment, Irish Breakfast with plenty of sugar and milk. But also coffee.

Tiropeta – not only is it fun to say, it’s great to eat! Great cheesy chunks of even more cheesy goodness. Yum yum!

Tuvalu : Blackbird :: ??? : BabelBabe

Teamwork. I am not a team player. But you probably discerned that little fact about me long ago.

Triumph Spitfire. So pretty.

On the QT. I was ABOUT to say, how I blog. And eat chocolate. But, "I don't think this means what you think it means." And I would be correct. But I leave it on the list. It's still catchy.


blackbird said...

I love Triumph Spitfires - is that yours?
My dad had one when I was little and K had one when I was big.
You can fix them with a hairpin.

Lazy cow said...

My quilt is a star one too! Yours is very pretty.
I *used* to be able to do quadratic equations, now I can't even remember what they are.
And Irish Breakfast tea - I can't cope in the morning without it.
Off to read James Herriott and eat Dagoba roseberry chocolate.

telfair said...

Or Wotan, or Pogner...Siegfried forgot about Wotan and Pogner, but he was lucky about escaping those monikers, too...

Badger said...

My dad had a Triumph Spitfire that he was never able to get running. If only he'd known about the hairpin trick!

He also had a TR6 with no floor. Just cardboard between my wee feets and the road. THAT was a fun car, especially in the winter.

Carolyn said...

You and I like the same flavor of oatmeal, only I like mine thick.

I can't believe you did "Q". That was funny.

And now I'm off to boot the kids out of bed and pack the RV.

jess said...

My Q made the list! Sweet. Also, I share your feelings about the word quadratic.

Sarah Louise said...

I expect your next fish to be named Tsunami, he says the word so often...

I never thought quadratic was cool, but hey, you've converted me.

Liked the etym. on QT