Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Checking In

Since BB is taking a bit of a sabbatical, I thought I’d fill in with some book talk.

I’m reading Ayun Halliday’s The Big Rumpus, which at times make me laugh out loud in recognition and appreciation, and at times makes me feel like a total square who is missing out on Real Life. I don’t like being made to feel that thinking Baby Gap clothes are cute makes me less of a person, but . . . I do get the sense sometimes that Halliday feels that way. Is it me? Am I too sensitive? Is she really trying to draw lines? Can’t I like her without wanting to be just like her? Anyone?

I took a break from that for a while this weekend to read a comics series a library friend gave to me, called Rising Stars. The guy responsible for the Babylon 5 TV series (which I’ve never seen) wrote it, and I have to say I liked it a lot. The writing was good, and the characters were people, rather than super hero types. If you like X-Men, you’d like this.

I also read The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Age 13 ¼ this weekend. A friend recommended it, and I fell in love. Adrian is English, and kind of a twerp, but an interesting kid who’s great to spend time with. The author really captures the combination of complete bewilderment and sense of knowing it all that comes with adolescence. A quick read, and great fun. There’s a whole series of these, so I’m looking forward to picking up the rest.

Aside from that, I’m reading reference books. The World Almanac, the CIA World Factbook, Whittaker’s, Bowker, various encyclopedias and dictionaries and gazetteers . . . because I’m taking a reference course this semester. I’m enjoying the class, because I like getting to play detective, but THANK GOD I’m only taking the one this summer, because the work load is kicking my ass. You would not believe the amount of time and work this class is taking. And you also would not believe how, sometimes, Google can be shown to suck. Just saying that makes me feel kind of giddy, like I’m pointing out that the emperor might not be nude, but that his lacey thong is definitely showing.

Oh, I am such a dork.


jess said...

I just added Adrian Mole to my list...and yes, tell us all that his lacey thong is showing! I would feel giddy, too.

BabelBabe said...

Did I tell you? - I must have told you - that we here at Behind the Stove are one of the stops for Ayun's book tour for the UK release of Big Rumpus. We should talk and figure out what we want to do - interview/whatever - and we need to let her tour manager person know. I should reread it - it would be my 3rd? 4th time....

BabelBabe said...

also, check out finslippy's take on the book: http://finslippy.typepad.com/finslippy/2006/06/dirty_sugar_coo.html

during HER stop for Ayun's Dirty Sugar Cookies tour....so it's not just you, Gina... : )

((very small voice): I find Baby Gap clothes adorable too....)

and now i am off to finish painting the baby's room.

Joke said...

OMG...Adrian Mole. I like AM. Not love, not even realllly like. But I like.

I still say you all must read Flashman.


Peg said...

"...like I’m pointing out that the emperor might not be nude, but that his lacey thong is definitely showing."

Please advise as to the charity of your choice, as I'll be sending them lots of $1 bills to cover my royalty for usage of that wonderful phrase.

Lazy cow said...

Love Adrian Mole.
I tried reading an Ayun Halliday book but I didn't like it (the backpacking one). I much preferred Sarah McDonald's Holy Cow (about her trip to India).

Sarah Louise said...

I love reference books. Reading the dictionary? Looking at atlases? Unluckily, a children's librarian doesn't use these much in her endeavor to help Junior find the whole shelf of Garfield books. But still, I wish I'd taken that class. Everyone that took it said it was great. Have you taken Retrieving yet? That was fun, but also not much needed for a Children's librarian. Alas.

I tried to read Adrian ages ago. Maybe it's time to give him another shot. I have no idea anything about that other book.

Love the lacy thong metaphor.

And love it that you're writing! I figured I'd just come over and re-read BB's sabbatical notice. What a pleasure to find a Gina-post!

Gina said...

Joke, my library doesn't seem to have the first of the Flashman books--unless it's published under a different title? Any thoughts on this?

And Peg? My current favorite charity is the Fresh Gina Fund, a foundation dedicated to sending all tired and grumpy women named Gina off for a fully staffed and catered week hermiting on a desert island. :-)

This Reference class is like Retreiving on crack. I have never, ever met someone so into reference as Elizabeth Mahoney. She's a slave driver, but she's so dedicated and earnest that I can only be grateful for her.

Carolyn said...

All 13 year olds are twerps.

Katya said...

You should watch Babylon 5 -- it's a novel except it's on television.

Ayun said...

I happen to know for a fact that Ayun Halliday's kids wear clothes from Baby Gap, because ... I am Ayun Halliday! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Of course they're all stained second handers from the Salvation Army, but i say we mothers gots to sticks together!!!
I would probably write that book differently now, but then again, I wouldn't write that book at all, because I find it difficult to remember what that period of motherhood was like, other than hard hard hard (and exhilarating and frustrating and back breaking and gratifying)

Anyhoo, I've got to feed these young uns some non-cyber food, so I will say goodbye for now.


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