Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I don't know why we are here, but I'm pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves. - Ludwig Wittgenstein

H took the two older boy to Strasburg this week, to ride Thomas the Tank Engine and have a guys’ weekend. My previous post's Radiohead quote came from the flurry of preparations Monday morning. Primo, Segundo, and H were very concerned that they remember the deck of cards, the Monopoly game, the Radiohead and Beatles CDs…I prompted them to pack the potty seats, the Pull-Ups, and their toothbrushes. As I pointed out, “I could make do without the Radiohead CD but the potty seats so the boys can’t fall into the toilet and therefore can poop without assistance….not so much.” When I returned from coffee and errands at noon Monday, I noticed that Primo had forgotten his sneakers, and Seg had forgotten Mimi. Oh well. They seem to have survived. They have been swimming and hanging out with Thomas and playing Go Fish and Old Maid and Steal the Pile, and watching Stanley Cup hockey – Seg even stayed awake till the end of the game Monday evening. I don’t care if they are drinking beer, playing poker, and hiring strippers - the baby and I have had a perfectly lovely and quiet time.

And I ask you – back when Primo was small – what exactly did I find so hard about having ONE – ONE single solitary - baby? This is a piece of cake. Especially as, as I have noted, he can’t talk yet.

Today I totally played hooky and threw responsibility to the winds – I dropped Terzo off at his babysitter’s and then returned home where I LOUNGED…today was a blissful eight-hour vacation.

I picked the baby up at 7 and came home, and my friend L came over. The baby went to bed at 8 and we ate dinner, drank some wine, sat on the front porch, and talked and gossiped and tried to figure out where she could meet someone –a romantic significant-other sort of someone - in this town.

I feel…refreshed.

I did paint the baby’s room – it took a little more than an hour this afternoon and is now a fresh and lovely apple green.
I did go to the coffee shop for a latte and a bear claw.
I did not run.
I did not write half a dozen blog entries.
I did call Australia last night, but alas, no one was home in Australia.
I did read the newspaper in its entirety, and the new issue of Newsweek featuring Johnny Depp.
I did organize some books and start cataloging my fiction.
I did enter into my book journal lists of books I have been carrying around on various small scraps of paper.
I did not organize the 200+ photos we just received from York Photo.
I did not cook dinner.
I did not clean any bathrooms.
I did not call Tuvalu – but I wanted to.
I did play umpteen games of JewelQuest.
I did not do any laundry – until just now when I finally threw in a load of whites.
I did sit on the porch swing with Terzo and sing to him for half an hour.
I did play catch with Terzo with his little puffy soccer ball.
I did let him suck contentedly on my chin.
I did sit on the porch with my neighbor whom I haven’t seen in forever, and caught up, and gratefully accepted an autographed copy of her new book.
I did not vacuum.
I did not have to bite my tongue when I was interrupted for the millionth time.
I did not have to even once utter the phrase, “Please don’t hit your brother.”

I do highly recommend a maternal vacation every few months.

Where do you think I should send them next time?


jess said...

tuvalu of course!

telfair said...

I vote for Australia...a 13 hour flight will tire out even the most determined and tenacious child.

Plus, the mobs of kangaroos.

Lazy cow said...

Your day sounded fabulous. You really need to do it more often!
I'm having that maternal vacation when the Girl goes back to school. I'm offloading the Boy at my mum's and I'm coming home to do nothing for the day.
You painted a room in ONE HOUR? Can you come over here and do my bedrooms please? I'm just dreading the job.

blackbird said...

We are FULL UP on boys over here -
thanks, Jess!

I very nearly called you too...then I decided to let you relax.

Suse said...

Oh oh oh! We in Australia were very nearly home.

And don't you dare send them all to Australia unless you and the baby come too. In which case, I'll go make up the beds right now.

Gina said...

From what I recall, Primo was a much different baby from Terzo, and I think that (even considering the experience you've gained since having Primo) has a great deal to do with Terzo's bfief only-childhood being a peice of cake.

Amy A. said...

My, what philosophical neighbors you have. Your boys will be smart just from the environment in which you are living!

Joke said...

The problem is that you're not self-absorbed enough. It's done wonders for me.


Miz S said...

You sound as though you have used your time wisely, Young One.

weirdbunny said...

I don't know, but I've just booked a trip for me and my eight year old daughter to go on, on our own!! Nice hotel, afternoon tea, girly shops. I think I've planned this better than you. Leave the men and boy's at home, and because the girls are off on a little hoilday, with lot's of shops.

Carolyn said...

Yay. Some much needed R & R.

Surfing Free said...

Oh the sheer bliss of having time to do .. nothing! I don't think I have done ANYTHING in a leisurely manner since the girls were born. When I do get time alone I feel like I need to HURRY UP and start relaxing!!!
I'm glad you are revived :)

Katya said...

Sometimes just being by yourself (or with someone who can't talk back to you) is heaven. When I go on vacation in a week and a half, I'm going to spend one of the three weeks by myself.