Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"All people have had ill luck, but Jairus's daughter & Lazarus the worst."*

Reports of my laziness have been greatly exaggerated.

What? That’s not how that quote goes?

Well, I don’t care.

Haven’t you ever heard of poetic license? This is blogetic license. Deal.

Why, yes, I am snarky today. I had a good run and escaped the house to edit a paper and am in a remarkably good, if snarky, mood. H was out last night (watching the Pens lose, they’re 2 down, very sad) and will be out tonight (oh, yes, and Friday evening as well; thank you, I will be accepting my Wife of the Month award at a later date). And while this means I get the kids to bed myself, it also means I have the house to myself (once Quarto finally stops nursing and goes to sleep, and once Terzo stops yelling for me to sing one more song, and once Primo and Seg stop squabbling). And even if I work, or play umpteen games of WordTwist, it’s still relaxing to have time ALONE (ish).

We had a very family-oriented weekend, and while it was mostly pleasant, I am ready to be a hermit for a while.

T-ball out the wazoo Saturday afternoon (first Saturday in the past month it has not been rained out).
Wedding Saturday evening (apparently half the world was getting married on Saturday, and the other half were attending).
Sunday was the family picnic, which, after the hellishly long drive there, was fine. Yesterday, finally, we got to relax a bit. The boys spent the morning (after sleeping in!!!) out in the backyard making forts out of the giant cardboard boxes my neighbor's new porch furniture came in. Then we all went out and bought roller skates/blades for the boys and packed up our hockey sticks and pads and took them all to the hockey deck to play.

Primo whined and cried but ultimately was pretty pleased with himself and his progress (there was minor drama (as always) over the skates we bought him first at a sporting goods store – but then when we got to Target to buy Terzo skates, they had rollerblades MUCH cheaper there AND they were adjustable so he wouldn’t outgrow them in three months…you’d have thought we were taking away food or something. Honest to God, that child. Am I depriving him by returning the $65 skates and making him use $30 skates? You’d certainly think so.) Seg was as always, slow and steady and will be fine. Terzo, his stocky little body planted squarely over his feet, acted as if they were merely extensions of his legs and was skating around like a pro in literally minutes (he’s going to be the one who supports me in lavish luxury in my old age, thanks to his NHL career). I hadn’t been on blades in eons but it’s like riding a bicycle (only more fun).

And I need my own hockey stick. Too bad Mother’s Day is past – do you suppose H would give me one as my Wife of the Month award? Hope so. Especially since *I* am the best skater in the family. She says modestly.


*Mark Twain


delta said...

Sometimes in life, you've just gotta say: "What the puck!"

KPB said...

You are so weird.

Sarah Louise said...

Babs, I adore you. We must go skating soon, though I only have ice skates.



Sarah said...

Bless you for outing yourself as a compulsive WordTwist player. I'll take anything that gives me hope that, someday, if I play enough, I may vaguely approach your level of WordTwist amazingness!

Oh man, now I'm feeling competitive and must, at my advanced age, learn to skate. I figure if I wrap myself in enough bubble wrap I may learn without multiple trips to the emergency room.

Kathy said...

You know, I used to love to skate and I have a pair of roller blades but I am so afraid I'm going to fall that I haven't used them -- well, except for the once when I did fall and jammed my fingers and they hurt for three months. I need to get back up on them.

Caro said...

Yikes, what a busy weekend.

How do you do it?