Thursday, May 08, 2008

"People shop for a bathing suit with more care than they do a husband or wife."*

Primo has always been good at helping me pick out bathing suits. Mostly because, like his dad, he’s really good at spotting my body flaws; for example, letting me know if I look fat and/or pregnant...

Last summer I solved the swimsuit issue by wearing a tankini top over board shorts, nicely accommodating my slightly-pregnant belly and providing comfort and coverage.

I recently discovered a gorgeous indoor pool about five minutes from my house, and am about to go purchase a year’s membership (at an insanely reasonable price, I might add). I love to swim, and can happily swim for an hour or more; I want to get back into it, hoping that not only will my upper arms shape up nicely but also that the twisting movement of the front stroke may whittle my belly. But to swim laps, I need a real suit, one that will stay up and cover my butt.

Many years ago LL Bean had the perfect suit. It was pretty, it fit well, and it made me look skinnier than I am. I only bought one, and wore it to death, so of course they stopped making that suit after that year. I have spent the past several years on the search for a similar suit.

Primo picked out these two online:

I picked out this at Marshall’s where I bought it and paid $20:

And this is the one I want, which is pretty close to the Bean suit:

Of course, to go out in public, what I really need is one of these:

*Erma Bombeck


blackbird said...

Thank GOD for board shorts.

Joke said...

You need a swimsuit to go to the library?


P.S. However talented your husband may be at spotting anything about you which he may consider a flaw, he certainly hasn't that let him stop, er, begetting offspring with you.

Kathy said...

What are the backs like? For swimming laps, I like the ones that meet in the middle of your back because they don't restrict your should movement like the ones that go directly over your shoulder so that there's a U instead of an X shape in back.

Joke is completely right. Your "flaws" (whatever they may be" can't bother your husband that much.

Kathy said...

I meant "shoulder movement" not "should movement." Sorry.

Velma said...

Since I've got a lovely "egg on toothpicks" silhouette, it's always a PITA to find a new suit. Strangely, Target has come to the rescue more than once.

Badger said...

I am in complete denial over the fact that I even REQUIRE a swimsuit. Which I do.

MsCellania said...

Thanks to loads of basal cell skin cancer, I now don a Coolibar swim jackets and bike shorts as swimming apparel. The boys have worn rash guards since they were 1 and they were the only kids wearing them for years. Now about 1/2 the kids wear them. I bet within 5 years, more parents will be wearing long sleeve zip rash jackets and bike shorts, too. I'm going to get funny looks and comments this year, but it beats having to stay inside all summer.

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the full-body suit. Where can I order one?