Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Your own preoccupation is where you'll go."*

Finished my second John O'Farrell - The Best a Man Can Get - not as hilariously funny as May Contain Nuts but more emotional and eye-opening - and still amusing. He's a good, solidly clever writer.

I also finished the first Tess Monaghan detective story from Laura Lippmann. It was uneven (as the Amazon reviews said), but by the end, I liked Tess very much even if I found her as insanely exasperating as all her friends in the book do, and I promptly requested the next book from the library.

Love Walked In - Not at all what I expected. Truth be told, I'd avoided it forever, it was so ubiquitous(That STUPID cover with the cursive writing and the girl's legs...). But it's GOOD. Cornelia is a bit annoying at times until you get into the rhythm of her voice, but I feel almost instantly in love with Clare, and am devouring the book. Weirdly, I'd picked up the sequel at the library but instead decided to request and read the first one first. Good choice.

Now I have the sequel to anticipate.

Otherwise, we are crazy busy - t-ball and IEP meetings and end-of-year picnics.
Camp registration and signing up for swim lessons and pool tags.
Trying to step up my running (am up to 45 minutes).
Working on the house and trolling Craigslist for furniture we still need.
Working hard, editing, and fixing one monumental screw-up I made last week.

It doesn't look like my summer is gong to calm down any, but I'll try harder to be around here. I owe Jennifer Niesslein a review and I want to do an interview with her, and I owe a few nice editors reviews of advanced reader copies of various novels...and I miss you guys.

*"Gotta Get Away," Offspring


MsCellania said...

What's This?!
NO COMMENT on the big win last night? Overtime and Everything

I did not know you also had IEP adventures. Some go well, some leave me furious and in tears. The meetings go MUCH better with dh present.

blackbird said...

I miss you too...

IEP meetings took years off my life.

Jess said...

It's always good to see a new post from you. It doesn't feel right when there isn't one (no pressure! haha, none at all!)

Badger said...

Wait, one of your kids has an IEP? Why did I not know this?

I think I was vaguely interested in Belong To Me when I first heard about it, but then I found out it was a sequel, and I wasn't interested enough to commit to reading the first one. But maybe now I will. How does she compare to Amanda Eyre Ward, my new barometer for "it kind of sounds like chick lit but maybe I'll like it anyway"?

Caterina said...

How do you do so much and still raise ALL THOSE BOYS?! (Four of 'em, right?) Amazing. I've been trying to get back into running for over a year now. And I'm in awe of your reading.

What's IEP?

tut-tut said...

Good luck with the running! Nice to be by yourself for a bit, isn't it?

Caro said...

We just had an IEP two days ago. It was overwhelming but GREAT NEWS.

I didn't know you had to deal with IEP's too.