Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Tweedly dee..."*

I totally forgot my little brother's birthday. By DAYS. I am a rotten sister.

Two of my four little guys have fevers, and one of the other two has a weird rash, completely putting the kibosh on all those "Last week of summer" fun plans, or even just a jaunt to the duck pond or pool. This SUCKS. (Seriously, they all look awful and sick enough that I don't even want to drag them to the grocery store, but man, I need some limes. Mama needs her mojitos, yo.)

We had dinner guests Sunday evening. I threw together a meal - tomato tart, Italian bread, steamed yellow squash, a cold roast chicken, and a big dish of homemade aioli. There were no vampires getting near any of us that night. Well, except the boys who saw fit to drown their chicken in ketchup rather than garlic. What does ketchup keep away, werewolves?

I made a batch of lemon curd, folded in stiff whipped cream, and piled it into a butter-and-amaretti-cookie crust. That was dessert. YUM.

I have been conversing with the inimitable Joke regarding cocktail shakers, and have adopted the procurement of a Boston shaker as my thrift shop goal of the moment. (In the meantime, I am mixing my Bacardi cocktails using a Sam Adams pint glass and a giant plastic McDonald's cup - I ooze class, I know.) Lately I have been thrifting lotsa books, some neat old linens (and a set of superhero sheets), baking ramekins, a pair of pretty pewter lamps, and some terrific skirts. I even discovered a new thrift shop on the other side of the river, while on the hunt for a breakfast place. I found the breakfast place, too, and had a delicious plate of eggs over easy, home fries, and toasted ciabatta. Plus lashings of hot, fresh coffee. Heaven.

I started the newest Maisie Dobbs while guzzling lovely coffee - it is just like all the other Maisie Dobbs books, that is, comforting and charmingly archaic and NICE.

I am also reading another Tess Monaghan mystery, The Sugar House. I whizzed through The Lace Reader; all you guys who like Amanda Eyre Ward and Joshilyn Jackson might enjoy this. I think The Gargoyle is going back until a later time, I just don't seem to have the brainpower for this right now. I really enjoyed Jincy Willett's The Writing Class; clever and funny. I have a few review copies of a few books floating around to tackle next, so keep your eye peeled for those reviews...

School starts Thursday; kindergarten the Thursday after. THANK GOD.

That's it, my 'nettie friends. Not a whole lotta shaking going on at all.

Oh, but I am busy being inspired by this post; I ran Sunday, did yoga this morning and weight training after, and have runs planned for the next two days. My goal is the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day. After that, who knows? I still have yet to complete that half-marathon...although I HAVE been playing lots of TETRIS Marathon on Facebook...

*The Backyardigans, "Tale of the Mighty Knights"


Badger said...

OMG I am STARVING now. And extra pissed that I couldn't come to Pittsburgh with DH last week.

But I did buy limes today. Eight for a dollar!

Will look for The Lace Reader. In the meantime, maybe you can explain to me why it's taking me so freaking long to get through The Girls. I LIKE it. It's not hard to read. So why am I plodding through it at a snail's pace? Argh!

Caro said...

I thought you wrote you needed "lines" had to re-read that one. :-)

I hope all your little ones get well soon.

Hungry in LA said...

good god woman you gifted me a lovely shaker years ago! And you don't have one yourself? I'm shocked and saddened. Get one - they're fabulous. I also recommend a wine chiller which was also a gift I never thought I would use but boy does it come in handy.

And I just called the best friend at 845 tonight to wish her happy birthday - so you are not alone. I don't even have the excuse of four kids to distract me, I am just lame.

Congrats on the fitness regimen, it will keep you sane. Well, saner.

Jennifer said...

Second the hungriness!

And, Jesus, it's all over now. Tetris on Facebook?

Velma said...

I'm basking in the silence of my house. Today is the first full day of school for both kids. Bliss!