Sunday, August 03, 2008

"Up to my ears in bitter tears, can't believe I've sunk this low..."

So tonight H left for a week.

For a very important conference for work. At which he will present a project for which he has been responsible. Which will, no exaggeration, change some people's lives drastically for the better, and also improve others' dying days. (So, you know, when you say, Why can't H take a week off? THAT'S why.)

At first he wanted me to go with him, but the conference is in a location fraught with not-good memories for us as a couple. Better he should go alone. Trust me.

He leaves me at home with four boys who are really beginning to be out of control.
At lunch today, at a fairly - shall we say plebian - dining establishment - our children's behavior caused him to rest his head in his hands and sigh deeply. I said, "Shouldn't *I* be the one doing that? Since, you know, you get to LEAVE in three hours." And he looked at me and simply said, "Yes."

He merrily hopped on an airplane and doesn't return for DAYS.

So, on the way home from the airport, we didn't even stop at the house first. I drove directly to the neighborhood park which hosts an outdoor jazz concert every Sunday evening in August. The three older boys made bracelets (Primo made me a huge, ugly beaded anklet with my name on it which I am more than happy to wear). Then they played Twister and beanbag tic-tac-toe, and participated in a scavenger hunt. *I* sat on my butt and listened to live jazz music and sponged limoncello martinis off my friend A and then I lost Terzo (but we knew so many people at the concert, and I found him again rather quickly) so it was time to go home. Where I dropped the baby into his crib, and the three older boys into bed, and poured myself another rather strong cocktail.

It's going to be a very long week.

PS Did I mention my babysitter's mom died, so she won't be coming this week either? I mean, I understand, her MOM died (she WAS 94), but I would've planned this H-less week differently had I the slightest inkling. All I can say is, pray for me.

*"In the Belly of the Whale," The Newsboys


Velma said...

This is one of those times I wish I lived closer to my bloggy friends, so I could come drink with you while our children run wild. Uhm, I mean "help out."

Anonymous said...


I suggest that in EIGHT days you announce to H.:

"You're home! Great! See you in three days."

And then bugger off.


KPB said...

What Joke said.

alyssa said...

I live over in East Liberty (I know Sarah Louise from church). Anyway, I also am husband-less for the week. I only have two children, but I still have an idea of what you're dealing with! NO FUN! I have decided I would not make a very good single mother. at all. ever.

Badger said...

I used to hate DH going out of town when the kids were younger. But now that they're older? I kind of look forward to it.

HEATHER said...

Bless your heart honey!
Like Velma said, if I lived closer I would bring my little man over and the boys could play and we drink.

Sarah said...

Ouch. Like Badger, my kids are big now but those days weren't so long ago at all. Let me dig into my memory bank o' tricks of what I did in that situation...

... 1. Call in all favors. Literally, I'd call ALL moms whose kids I had over for playdates and shamelessly beg them to take a kid or two off my shaking hands.

2. Load up on DVD's, lock the doors and chain the kids in front of the TV. Yes, even the baby.

3. Um, that's kind of it.

4. As others have said, wish I were closer so I could help. Unless you want to send a kid or two on a plane to Denver. Which probably sounds like a good idea right now.

Bearette said...

Praying...can MIL babysit?

Caro said...

I'll light a candle for ya.

nutmeg said...

Just keep that fridge and/or cupboard stocked with cocktail stuff. I have my "nightly" cocktail and I only have two girls to look after ;-) Also, do what's easy and what works to give you as much of a break as you can get - but you know that stuff already!

Also, I recently finished The Monsters of Templeton and really enjoyed it. Also, The Story of Forgetting by Stefan Merrill Block was equally good - you may want to check the latter out as I have a suspicion you may like it too :-)

Anonymous said...

You'll kindly note the motion has been seconded.


Suse said...

Hang in there hon. Wear them out so they can be put to bed really really early.

And also, wot Joke said.