Sunday, January 24, 2010

“People are always asking me about eskimos, but there are no eskimos in Iceland.”

Dance o' joy! I LOVED The Historian and look! Elizabeth Kostova has a new book out.
(Also, interview with author via Joshilyn Jackson's Faster than Kudzu.)

Also, check this:
A sequel to The Little Princess!
By Hilary McKay!
Hilary McKay rocks, and I can't wait to get my hands on this.

Or, for that matter, this:
That, my friends, is the ninth and final installment of the Anne books by LM Montgomery.
I didn't know either.
Turns out I have to order it from Canada because...why? I don't know.

The same stupid reason I have to go through all sorts of ridiculous interlibrary loan or online ordering rigamarole to get Penni Russon's books, instead of just walking into the local bookstore and buying them off the shelf? Publishers in the States are short-sighted and stupid and only want to publish John Grisham's crap books?



Kathy said...

I was thrilled to see Kostova's new book -- and it was in ALL the airport bookstores when I was going back and forth to Boston, so I broke down and bought it.

Rachael Herron said...

I have that "new" Anne book on my desk, just staring at me. I'm saving it, for some reason. It's just waiting for me to get to it... I'm scared, somehow. I'm grownup enough now to know it's REALLY the last one. Wow. Can't wait. And yet, I am.

Mary said...

Oh My exactly what Rachel said - except I haven't bought it yet - but that is exactly what I would feel.

Thanks - I would never have known otherwise that it existed!

Stomper Girl said...

Dear Babelbabe,

You are very bad for my bank balance


Jess said...

I've been looking forward to The Swan Thieves (although my holds list is too long to add one more title), I'm waiting for Wishing for Tomorrow (and yes, I ordered a copy for my library) but THE BLYTHES! I can only type exclamation points to express my feelings. Fortunately, like Rachael and Mary, I can wait - even though I can't. And really, I'd have to do a thorough reread before I polished it off.

Anonymous said...

I have "The Blythes are Quoted". It's divided into 2 parts, before & after the WW1. I through the first & just started on Part 2.

Bearette said...

I'm a little cautious because it's not offered in the U.S...i read another book by a Canadian author that was only available there (unlike her other books) and it was a disappointment.

Samantha said...

I am awaiting my copy of The Swan Thieves too. I have been trying to avoid the reviews of it but have had a sneaky peak at a few - some are saying it's too long but that's what they said about The Historian. I suppose only reading it will tell...