Wednesday, October 21, 2009

“We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.”

I can't help but notice I lost a "follower."
I only had 6 as it was.
Was it something I said?
Something I didn't say?
Was it my lack of stunning photography/amusing (or not) stories about my children/mundane taste in reading material?

I was GOING to maybe, kinda sorta, possibly jump on the Kim/Suse/Blackbird/Badger bandwagon and open the field for questions, but then I realized I have regressed to junior high and am, frankly, terrified that not only will no one want to ask a single question because who the hell cares, but actually, that no one is even reading.


If you wanna ask something..., even something sorta silly or whatever , you can. You know, if you want to. But you don't HAVE to.

I already have the crickets cued up.

*Lloyd Alexander


Sophie said...

how do you choose what to read?

i get into the book store or the library, and i am either overwhelmed, and can't choose amongst several (hundreds) that i want to read, or there is absolutely nothing that i find interesting/compelling.

and then of course, there are the problems with follow-through if i actually get something home...

delta said...

"Think not about a lost follower, but about the cool shit you could post!" -- JFK (if he had not been assassinated in 1963 and was still alive today, posting, like, on the Internet, and, like, wrote his own shit anyway!)

-- and I, too, lost a follower, something I did not really know I had, until I lost it, him/her, because, like NO ONE reads MY blog!!!

Badger said...

I have questions! What book(s) have you just NOT been able to finish, after more than one attempt? What has the weather been like up there? Are the leaves pretty yet, or are they done already? Do you like apple cider? What are your boys going to be for Halloween? Which do you prefer: taking the kids around the 'hood to get treats, or staying home and passing out treats yourself?

Jess said...

What book do you keep beside your bed?

What's your favorite thing to do in the winter?

Are you happy living where you are, or would you rather be more citified/rural than you are now?

What type of conversationalist are you? Do you hang back, sip your coffee and nod a lot, or jump in and chat?

Do you have any pets?

What's your favorite thing to do that you don't write a lot of blog posts about?

Hum, let me think...

Paula said...

You sound like me.

Have you read the Lace Reader?

Did you like it?

I did and do.

You know I get many of my book recomendations from you but I don't discuss it much because my memory is turning to crap and I can't remember the titles of books I've read much less plot lines and such.

sueeeus said...

I love the junior high comment! I was thinking of maybe jumping on the bandwagon myself, but am still being a wallflower. :)


Have you read Shantaram, and did you like it? (Long, but I liked it for the most part.)

Have you read Fraction of a Whole, and did you like it? (Tedious, but I eventually finished it. Parts made me laugh, but the tedium outweighed the rest.)

What about The Housekeeper and the Professor? (Loved it.)

And Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime? (Loved it.)

(I can read 4 books to your 47,212. How on earth can you read so much??!!!!)

Are you a bar soap or body wash person?

What's your favorite 70s music?

Rachel said...

I'm not a follower, but I read all your posts...and here in Australia we got AS Byatt's Children's Book months ago. I still have it sitting in my to-read pile, and felt guilty everytime you mentioned not being able to get it!

Mouselegs said...

I'm so out that I don't really know what you mean by "follower" but I very much enjoy your posts! I'm sure I have questions but can't concentrate with all the shouting (school holidays here). Maybe next week, when there is only one shouting, I will be able to think again.

Suse said...

How is your knitting going?

Do you like green yarn? Worsted weight, approximately 200g's worth? Dark green or light green?

Have you a quilt on the go?

Are you around this weekend for a little Skyping?

My word verification is chokilat. What do you think of that?

Kristin said...

I'm not a follower because for some reason I can't figure out the whole Google Reader thing (is that what you are talking about?). Technology is not my friend. However, you are on my blogroll on my blog and I click to see if you've written anything every time I log in. You have given me so many great book suggestions.

Someone already asked this, but how do you find the books you read?

Debi said...

Feel the love.

Janet said...

When are you coming East to visit us and introduce us to your little hooligans?

Jess said...

I'm sure you've mentioned this before, but favorite pie and recipe? And is there a story behind having a basement oven?

ssheers said...

What are your five favorite books?

Katy said...

I second most of the questions already asked (so you should answer them!), but here are some of mine:

What is your opinion of rain? Did having kids change your feelings towards precipitation?

How did you know what to name your babies when they were born?

What is the best advice/number one suggestion you would give for dealing with a mother-in-law that not even her son particularly likes and lives about 2000 miles away?

Why don't we live in the same neighborhood? Would I still think you were cool if we lived near each other?

Anonymous said...

Please never stop writing. I look forward to each post.

Elizabeth said...

1. Where do you store all your books?
Do you keep them all, hand them off to friends, donate, hoard?

2. Have you thought of writing one?

3. How is Flat Edward holding up? Is he going to be replaced by Bill or Eric?

4. Did you ever get into the Outlander series?

5. My word verification: morusle.
What's the first thing that comes to mind?
Perusal, a small moral or morsel? Am I the only one who plays these silly word games?

sara said...

Uh, yeah. I'm here, too...someone else asked my question, but I'm here.

Eleanor said...

Never doubt the greatness of your blog. NEVER.

Now that I've taken care of that... a question...If I tell you that I've tried to read the 1st 30 pages of "The Children's Book" 3 times already but kept falling asleep would you still love me?

blackbird said...

Do you have any Winter plans for you and the boys? I'm always impressed with your trips to the zoo/parks/coffee shop.

What's going on with those boys anyhow? I feel like I'm not up to speed on them.

What's doing with the house? No reno projects to report on?

Do the kids like to read as much as you do? C'mon, one of them MUST hate it.

Would you consider attending BlogHer 10? I can name at least four bloggers who would LOVE to meet you and, without your kidney cooler, could be easily convinced that you are a darling.

Stomper Girl said...

Not sure if you read crime fiction (as opposed to True Crime Fiction) but if you do do you have some favourites?

Julia said...

Wow, I'm totally impressed by all the good questions! Here's mine: do you have a favorite A.S. Byatt book, and if yes, which one is it and why? Also, do you like Margaret Drabble as well? And finally, very interested to hear what you think of the Children's Book. I read it last month and am still cogitating over my reactions.

ssheers said...

Above, I asked you "What are your five favorite books?" Feel free to modify the question any way you want: go ahead and give us your six or ten or 100 favorite books or change "favorite" to "desert island-worthy" or just tell us the five (or six or ten) books that you've read recently that you enjoyed.

Beth said...

Have you ever finished a book and then hugged it, or am I the only one who does that?

Bearette said...

Are you answering these questions in your next post? I read your blog, but I don't have the Google follower gadget thingy.

Penni Russon said...

Okay, if someone were to hand you a girl baby and a boy baby, what would you name them? (I am name obsessed). Would you keep the babies?

If you had to write under a pseudonym what would it be?

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Kathy said...

Do you like Margaret Atwood? If so, have you read Oryx and Crake? Did you like it? I keep hearing it's awful but feel like I have to read it because I want to read The Year of the Flood which sounds kind of sequely.

I think this might have been asked, but what book have you hated the most? For me it was Candace Bushnell's Sex and the City.

Anonymous said...

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