Monday, October 19, 2009

I always look for a woman who has a's a gal who's capable of making a decision she'll regret in the future.*

30 pages in, I didn't get it.
Financial mysteries bore me, and I was ready to quit.
Besides, the translation is clunky and awkward.

35 pages in, I met Lisbeth Salander.
And I am still reading.

*Richard Jeni


Stomper Girl said...

Oh thank heavens you said that. I just ordered the three books from The Book Depository instead of waiting for my library to get them in and was hoping I wouldn't live to regret that decision.

Samantha said...

Need I say it one more time ... "Great minds think alike!" I have recently finished this one and am onto the second. I found I had to read a good 100 pages before it took off for me - but when it did, IT REALLY DID. Am about 140 pages into the second book and am finding I again had to get up to this point before it started to grab my interest.

Kristin said...

I know--the beginning is super boring. But then you can't stop reading. I am interested in your thoughts after you finish. I wrote a review of it a couple of months ago--I am torn. I thought it was clever and well written, but a little too disturbing for me. In fact, I decided that I couldn't read the second one yet, as much as I wanted to find out the back story of Lisbeth. You'll have to read it for me and write a complete review!

Duyvken said...

It's worth sticking with, isn't it? Bk 3 is a little clunky at the beginning too but now that I'm a little way in it is really heating up.
The translation is a bit awkward in places and I ran across a few typos which I thought was pretty poor form given that it's not the first print run I'm reading.

Kathy said...

I hate financial mysteries -- I get bored and I don't understand what's going on. I do have this book though and it sounds like I might not even regret reading it.