Monday, October 01, 2007

"O bed! O bed! delicious bed!
That heaven upon earth to the weary head." *

So tired.
So very very tired.
Aren’t you supposed to be full of energy in your second trimester?
I am at twenty-one weeks and all I want to do – still – is sleep.

H returned from his trip Friday evening, safe and sound.
It’s good to have him back.
Someone else to yell at, er, care for the children.

I called off work Saturday – something I have not done in the almost three years I have worked there. I have taken vacation days, yes, but not just called and said, “Um, not coming in today.” Which is sort of a big deal as they have no back-up plan for if the Saturday librarian calls off. Panic ensues. I was so tired, I just didn’t care.

Then the in-law infestation yesterday. Which would have been perfectly fine except: 1) the entire event was timed around the Steelers game, about which I personally could not care less; and 2) do people not know when the hell to LEAVE? Hint: if your host has three small children and it’s already an hour past their usual bedtime (of which you are well aware), take your drunken self HOME. Pronto.

I know, I am an ungrateful wretch.
An exhausted, drooping, grumpy, ungrateful wretch.

Who had NO time at all to finish a book, or even read much at all, this past month. How did that happen?


*Thomas Hood, Miss Kilmansegg - Her Dream


Jess said...

Didn't you finish some L'Engle? I barely read anything in September, either.

I hope that no longer being the sole yeller at children gets you some rest.

Caro said...

I don't remember any second trimester energy at all. Aren't I a ray of hope?

You need a Sunday to yourself, just to sleep. But I'm merely stating the obvious.

Sarah Louise said...

Hope Monday gave you a bit of respite.

And finishing books? Is overrated. Finding them, and returning to the library they belong to, is bliss. Where are those books??

Hugs and hope you get some rest.

Sarah Louise said...

Oh, and I think you're totally normal. Not a wretch, not at all. You are Babelbabe, queen of all she surveys and pregnant mom.

Whilst cleaning for the window men, I found a piece I'd cut from a magazine: "I've never met a mom who wasn't a working mom."

And NO back-up plan? I'm sure they did fine.

I guess this comment is doubling up as a "You can do it" email.

Thinking good thoughts in your direction, n'at.

KPB said...

You know I never understand the non-leavers. The kids are getting increasingly fractious, you're in the kitchen getting dinner underway and trying to wrestle three children into some semblance of their routine so a communal meltdown doesn't ensue. And still they stay.